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Code Camp V Work Done

Tickets Created and Addressed During the Code Camp

Milestone: SansView 2.1.1 (1 match)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#70 fixed Hayter Penfold model gives incorrect result butlerpd

Milestone: SasView 4.0.0 (10 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#623 fixed Data Info should display shape of 2D data lewis
#622 obsolete Data2D stores no information about the shape/dimensionality of the data lewis
#615 fixed loading invariant analysis doesn't butler
#585 fixed Need to develop "marketplace" for new models lewis butler
#447 fixed Saving plot as Raw RGBA format generates an image-less file smk78 smk78
#445 fixed Re-position of Add Text in a plot panel is not possible lewis butler
#368 fixed clean up ImageViewer interface butler butler
#293 fixed Add polymer micelle model butler
#259 fixed Unselect all data does not include sub-datasets lewis ajj
#245 fixed Allow user to set plot range lewis mathieu

Milestone: SasView 4.1.0 (91 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#781 duplicate blank fit page when selecting old style plugin after reload butler pkienzle
#779 fixed GUI warning about P(r) not using multiple data sets piotr wojciech
#778 fixed _handle error at non-opencl platform when data is loaded wojciech wojciech
#777 fixed Verify if ESS 4.1 builds are properly linking to page anchors in help documentation wojciech smk78
#772 fixed Link to documentation on available library routines wojciech butler
#770 fixed Raise an error if function name is blank for New Plugin Model piotr pkienzle
#769 fixed Add TU Delft logo to website smk78 smk78
#766 fixed sum & product models hanging sasview mathieu richardh
#765 wontfix Allow adding multiple c files into sasmodels-marketplace wojciech
#762 fixed (Simple) New Plugin Model editor creates files even if it doesn't compile/pass testing smk78 smk78
#761 fixed Deleting all data when a constrained fit page is open leaves only the constrained fit page left krzywon krzywon
#760 fixed ordering of parameters in multiplication model P(Q)S(Q) Paul Kienzle <pkienzle@… richardh
#758 fixed selecting params to fit before sending data to fit gives access violation richardh
#756 fixed Change category "Customized Models" to "Plugin Models" butler smk78
#755 duplicate S(q) models should not have scale and background parameters added ajj ajj
#753 fixed compute button no longer seems to work ajj butler
#752 duplicate "compute" button still not working richardh
#751 fixed load_models now ignores old sasview 3 custom models mathieu richardh
#750 fixed P(q)*S(q) not doing the right thing ajj ajj
#749 fixed Also allow the Python Shell/Editor to be invoked from the Fitting > Edit Custom Models sub-menu smk78 richardh
#748 duplicate plug-in model unit tests from python shell not always working? pkienzle richardh
#744 fixed Old-style custom models don't load wojciech
#743 fixed Consider revising the SESANS data format read by SasView wimbouwman wimbouwman
#742 fixed after copy & paste parameters, "please select parameters to fit" piotr richardh
#739 duplicate Load project issues krzywon richardh
#738 fixed Load project issues krzywon richardh
#737 fixed Fix Report Results krzywon smk78
#736 fixed Review new File Converter documentation smk78 smk78
#734 fixed Review new GPU and OpenCL documentation smk78 smk78
#733 wontfix Check orientational distribution dirk dirk
#732 fixed Let a custom model class name differ from its model name mathieu mathieu
#730 fixed Theories not deleted when before loading project file krzywon krzywon
#728 fixed Direct SESANS model solid dilute sphere wimbouwman wimbouwman
#722 invalid Fitting Range and Checked Fit Parameters Not Saved krzywon
#720 fixed Incorporate instructions for running the SESANS GUI smk78 smk78
#718 fixed Magentism crashes SasView on Mac wojciech wojciech
#714 fixed cannot set custom smearing without data mathieu pkienzle
#712 fixed Clean up test data folder smk78 smk78
#710 fixed Update the test data documentation smk78 smk78
#709 fixed Update data_formats.rst when File Converter branch merged smk78 smk78
#706 fixed testing custom models - issues? pkienzle richardh
#705 fixed No about menu item on Mac ajj ajj
#704 fixed Add documentation on Hankel transformation for SESANS wimbouwman wimbouwman
#703 fixed Make the Python Shell Check Model error/info popup window bigger piotr smk78
#701 fixed Update documentation of data formats to Include SESANS wimbouwman wimbouwman
#700 fixed Add ANSTO logo to website footer smk78 smk78
#698 fixed Remove Select All parameters checkbox from FitPage mathieu smk78
#697 fixed Change default for parameter selection boxes on FitPage mathieu smk78
#696 fixed Investigate core shell bicelle model butler richardh
#694 fixed Compute button does nothing when there is data in the fit page ajj ajj
#693 fixed Update Acknowledgement window smk78 smk78
#692 fixed Update About window smk78 smk78
#691 fixed Generate Zenodo DOI for 4.1 release when ready ajj smk78
#690 fixed Update acknowledgement text in when corfunc branch is merged smk78 smk78
#689 fixed Generate Zenodo DOI's for 4.0-beta and 4.0 release smk78
#688 fixed data explorer file boxes need to be expandable piotr butler
#687 fixed Rescale smeared to unsmeared model mathieu mathieu
#684 fixed Merge file converter branch ajj smk78
#683 fixed Merge corfunc branch ajj smk78
#682 fixed copy paste parameters should also copy constraints piotr butler
#680 fixed Write/enhance gpu_computation.rst pkienzle ajj
#678 wontfix Hard crash when running complex model on GPU pkienzle
#675 fixed Reparameterize hollow_cylinder richardh butler
#674 fixed custom model name and id must be the same mathieu pkienzle
#673 fixed custom models override builtin models of the same name mathieu pkienzle
#666 fixed OpenCL errors on exit wojciech pkienzle
#664 fixed custom models not appearing with structure factor button mathieu pkienzle
#662 fixed Allow editing of C models from SasView GUI tools piotr butler
#656 fixed Add link to model marketplace in SasView mathieu lewis
#652 fixed Logging is broken when "error while determining build number" is emitted wojciech smk78
#638 fixed Instrumental smearing not set automatically based on data mathieu ajj
#637 fixed Add timestamp to console log entries piotr ajj
#629 fixed Save Analysis option greyed out piotr lewis
#626 fixed Update scipy to 0.18.0 wojciech smk78
#624 fixed custom models reloaded too often wojciech pkienzle
#616 fixed Problem with Generic Scattering Calculator buttons butler butler
#581 fixed min value on flat background should not be zero but -inf richardh richardh
#576 fixed updated custom models not being recompiled wojciech pkienzle
#553 fixed be_polyelectrolyte model docs richardh richardh
#548 fixed Remove once replacement from Sasmodels is available pkienzle ajj
#535 fixed Change category management to load from models rather than default json file mathieu ajj
#512 fixed Add Menu Help to User Documentation smk78 butler
#500 fixed Support loading of data files from Anton Parr SAXSess krzywon ajj
#493 fixed Data Operations should allow for reasonable numerical fluctuations in q mathieu butler
#422 fixed Enhance help (non model) documentation smk78 smk78
#419 fixed Move GIT revision number to build script wojciech krzywon
#415 duplicate Save Project and Save Analysis don't open on double clicking krzywon krzywon
#288 fixed Problem with multishell model - glitches at high Q ajj ajj
#240 fixed Fix License.txt ajj butler
#185 worksforme Request for (x,y,e) readback from graph on mouse over smk78
#10 fixed Save Analysis doesn't work for combined models jhjcho ajjackson

Milestone: SasView 4.2.0 (8 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#786 fixed core_shell_parallelepiped 1-D model is incorrect butler pkienzle
#784 fixed Add 3D integral to Correlation Function analysis lewis smk78
#776 fixed angular dispersity pkienzle dirk
#767 fixed Sum/Product Models don't do what they should lewis smk78
#741 fixed Recalculate P(Q) and S(Q) components on model update. lewis richardh
#735 fixed Review new Corfunc documentation smk78 smk78
#695 fixed linear slope in onion model gonzalezm dirk
#685 fixed Fix data upload to marketplace ajj smk78

Milestone: SasView 5.0.0 (2 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#754 fixed advanced plug-in model editor - improvements richardh
#747 Make it easier to use the same fit set-up with different data sets richardh

Milestone: Admin Tasks (10 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#774 Move away from postgress for the markeplace butler
#773 Need to add a "license" field for each model in the marketplace piotr butler
#768 ensure everything useful is backed up ajj richardh
#763 fixed Update categories at marketplace lewis wojciech
#759 fixed Generate PDFs of Roadmap ajj ajj
#740 fixed deemphasize closed tickets in trac ticket lists pkienzle
#731 fixed Bring roadmap uptdodate ajj butler
#711 fixed github integration not working on sasmodels ajj butler
#699 fixed Push new documentation to the website ajj smk78
#681 Move All Package Dependencies to a Single Place piotr ajj

Milestone: SasView 4.3.0 (8 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#787 models with the same name in different directories will not be distinguished butler pkienzle
#785 Add volume fraction profile to Correlation Function analysis smk78 smk78
#764 redefine rectangular distribution parameters pkienzle
#757 improve multilayer_vesicle model and vesicle richardh
#719 Generalize 1D and 2D data jhbakker
#715 resolution calculation does not check for basis of support between q points pkienzle
#702 Limiting cases of cylinder model dirk dirk
#686 Add some magnetic datasets to the test data folder dirk smk78

Milestone: SasView 5.1.0 (1 match)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#745 Consider saving the results of every fit in a session richardh

Milestone: SasView Next Release +1 (10 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#780 let the user set effective radius in P(Q)*S(Q) pkienzle
#746 wontfix Consider enhanced fitting constraints richardh
#729 Provide a loader for the BerSANS 2D format smk78
#717 calculate all I(q) values needed for 1D resolution in one call pkienzle
#679 Allow kernels to use global working memory pkienzle
#609 parameter consistency check pkienzle
#605 obsolete swollen sphere parameterization pkienzle
#503 wontfix Problems with Proxies OS X 10.9 ajj John White
#412 wontfix Do we use libxml2? smk78
#250 wontfix On Mac with WX 3.0 can kill fitting perspective and can't get it back ajj ajj

Milestone: sasmodels 1.0 (4 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#775 fixed Orientation of stacked_discs model does not work dirk
#727 Check that Flexible Cylinders converges to cylinder model dirk dirk
#723 fixed Spinodal Model dirk dirk
#716 reuse computed I(qx,qy) values when computing 2D resolution pkienzle

Milestone: sasmodels Next Release +1 (6 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#771 Add new library routines to sasmodels wojciech butler
#726 Structur Factor of magnetic spin misalignment dirk dirk
#725 Core Shell Microgel Model none dirk
#724 Broad Peak Model none dirk
#713 Orientational Distribution for Magnetic Models dirk dirk
#670 allow multiple array dispersity parameters pkienzle

Milestone: sasmodels WishList (5 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#783 Performance tuning for 1D calculations pkienzle
#782 Performance tuning for 2D calculations pkienzle
#721 Compare Sasfit with Sasview models dirk dirk
#708 Triaxial ellipsoidal core shell none dirk
#707 Boucher Model none dirk