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#414 Remove "standalone" option in gui_manager mathieu enhancement major SasView
#799 Warn users if they are asking DREAM for too many samples ajj enhancement major SasView
#880 show progress during opencl test wojciech defect major SasView
#933 Allow user to define order of models/fit pages for batch fitting wojciech defect major SasView
#1116 qt5 user level, changes to model tab tcbennun enhancement major SasView
#1140 Batch Slicer requires plotting of all 2D data sets to use in batch krzywon enhancement major SasView

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1130 QT GUI - cannot fit any S(Q) params if using P(Q)S(Q) model defect critical SasView fixed

Status: new (76 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1135 QT GUI - complex constraints (master ticket) tcbennun defect blocker SasView
#1137 QT GUI - Creating a sum/multi model causes crash (in sasmodels code) defect blocker SasView
#641 SasView won't start if user has name with accented/national characters - possible unicode error defect critical SasView
#1115 qt5 user level S(Q) tab enhancement critical SasView
#1149 qt5 - Separate composition of mixture models in GUI tcbennun enhancement critical SasView
#11 Save project should save plot state enhancement major SasView
#13 Plots should be linked to fits. enhancement major SasView
#40 Provide option to not plot residuals by default enhancement major SasView
#42 Need to add the report capability to simultaneous fitting enhancement major SasView
#206 Allow for custom integration range in Invariant perspective enhancement major SasView
#238 Data objects should be independent of gui defect major SasView
#295 Need to completely separate GUI from computational code enhancement major SasView
#334 "Paste" functionality broken defect major SasView
#374 Masking buttons are not obvious enhancement major SasView
#398 MAC GUI implementation needs a rethink enhancement major SasView
#407 constrained/simultaneous fit menu option GUI problem (both on Mac and PC) defect major SasView
#431 Improve Grid copy paste behavior enhancement major SasView
#460 Upgrade Linearized Fits enhancement major SasView
#461 Visual fit range indicators are not aware of axis "scale" defect major SasView
#470 Rearranging tabs isn't working perfectly defect major SasView
#526 Refactor SasView Category code enhancement major SasView
#529 Fix help when using S*P in SasView GUI enhancement major SasView
#558 set reasonable min/max on polydispersity values for fit defect major SasView
#592 linearized models need to account for resolution smearing enhancement major SasView
#635 Spherical_sld should not have "0 layers" as an option. defect major SasView
#661 Should provide indication to user of valid bounds for q as well as other parameters enhancement major SasView
#747 Make it easier to use the same fit set-up with different data sets enhancement major SasView
#754 advanced plug-in model editor - improvements defect major SasView
#846 set theory and data to same vmin/vmax when plotting 2D data defect major SasView
#900 Frozen theories sent to perspectives not saved in projects defect major SasView
#907 batch fits not being saved defect major SasView
#924 Need better feedback to user when fitting fails to converge defect major SasView
#939 fit values and parameters should be captured in cansas1D xml enhancement major SasView
#941 Move menu items from regular menus to perspective menus defect major SasView
#957 Namespace clash for sasgui if shipped as separate package piotr defect major SasView
#991 Fitting perspective creates new plots instead of updating existing defect major SasView
#1016 custom models not included in saved projects defect major SasView
#1017 Separate thread for OpenCL tests defect major SasView
#1019 Add an auto background estimate to the Invariant Perspective defect major SasView
#1030 volume normalization for hollow shapes is different from solvent-filled shapes defect major SasView
#1067 multiple scattering enhancement major SasView
#1093 remote fitting service enhancement major SasView
#1094 headless sasview fitting enhancement major SasView
#1125 qt5 - MathJax not used in generated Sphinx docs defect major SasView
#1136 QT5 GUI - rename FitPage0 to Fitpage1 or rename M1 to M0 richardh defect major SasView
#1147 Organise parameter table by model component tcbennun enhancement major SasView
#1150 Make Slicer Parameters box non-modal and add it to the Tools menu defect major SasView
#1153 Separate composition of mixture models in GUI enhancement major SasView
#195 Configuration code needs cleaning up defect minor SasView
#292 Fix batch fit page so that dropdown links to results of batch fitting enhancement minor SasView
#385 Might be useful to be able to alter number of points in PrView calculation enhancement minor SasView
#435 Add a compute button to simultaneous/constrained fitting page enhancement minor SasView
#455 mac print does not seem to be able to preview defect minor SasView
#502 Consider moving category "modify" button butler defect minor SasView
#573 error traceback unreadable defect minor SasView
#584 use embedded svg for saved html reports enhancement minor SasView
#601 Loader Inconsistency in unit labels defect minor SasView
#620 scroll wheel should scroll the fit page defect minor SasView
#640 model not recalculated when enter pressed in min/max defect minor SasView
#660 Add GUI triggers for compare, docview and user tests from the plugin editor. defect minor SasView
#671 use cleaner representation of resolution in save files enhancement minor SasView
#672 polydispersity parameters not included in "copy params to excel/latex" enhancement minor SasView
#860 latex labels in graph menus defect minor SasView
#879 default value and limits are ignored for muliplicity/variant models defect minor SasView
#905 nD data sets opens new fit window if existing window is a different dimension defect minor SasView
#919 Projects should save transmission spectrum defect minor SasView
#946 Single configuration file enhancement minor SasView
#949 Wildcard import defect minor SasView
#997 save points as file from graph loses precision defect minor SasView
#1031 copy dollar math sphinx extension from sasmodels when building docs enhancement minor SasView
#1033 add tests for generic scattering calculator defect minor SasView
#1041 multiplicity not included in copy/paste parameters defect minor SasView
#1042 add test for bsl file converter defect minor SasView
#1097 re-enable enumerated choice parameters for models defect minor SasView
#911 Can correlation matrix be made visible for Levenberg Marquardt? pkienzle enhancement trivial SasView
#942 Need to Refactor SimultaneousFitPage Class defect trivial SasView
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