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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#594 Check default value of cansas_version property in CansasReader class tim task major SasView
#806 clean separation between sasmodels and sasview tim enhancement major SasView
#845 Fix volume normalisation on Raspberry model ajj defect major sasmodels
#812 Provide model for the Pringle-Schmidt helical form factor tim enhancement minor sasmodels
#1020 orientation - write a chapter for the general users docs richardh enhancement minor sasmodels

Status: assigned (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1084 Reproducible thread error in bumps on Mac OS wojciech defect blocker SasView
#639 Math not rendered without network connection (Windows) ajj defect critical SasView
#885 New Model Editor needs to properly deal with form_volume function gonzalezm defect critical SasView
#1156 dnn should be lattice spacing for paracrystalline models butler defect critical SasView
#686 Add some magnetic datasets to the test data folder dirk enhancement major SasView
#822 Create proper Unit Testing directory structure for SasModels richardh enhancement major sasmodels
#828 Fix tests for oriented 2D models for new orientation defintion richardh defect major SasView
#853 Move Perspective Calculation Files into sascalc tim defect major SasView
#992 Improve bound Levenberg-Marquardt solver pkienzle enhancement major SasView
#1000 Unticking No OpenCL on Mac fixes problem with no model fit wojciech defect major SasView
#1045 Add SasView version flag to model marketplace awashington defect major sasmodels Markeplace
#1143 Validate new orientation distribution butler task major SasView
#1218 numpy/scipy cause syntax errors in python model builder piotr defect major SasView
#1247 Orientation Viewer doesn't always work awashington defect major SasView
#787 models with the same name in different directories will not be distinguished butler defect minor SasView

Status: closed (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1148 Documentation for S(Q) models need updating butler enhancement critical SasView fixed
#1187 S(Q) models need function descriptions in documentation defect critical sasmodels wontfix
#1240 Many models do not have their equation in the documentation defect critical SasView wontfix
#646 Check all model documentation for standardization butler task major sasmodels fixed
#833 Improve smearing help smk78 enhancement major SasView fixed
#882 Add notes to doc about fitting integer parameters smk78 enhancement major SasView fixed
#1003 Should we use Dispersity instead of Polydispersity/Monodispersity? task major SasView wontfix
#1076 support CUDA as well as OpenCL GitHub <noreply@…> enhancement major SasView fixed
#1168 Create a separate Teixeira Fractal Structure Factor enhancement major sasmodels duplicate
#1220 log scale 2D data with zeros and negative values not plotted correctly GitHub <noreply@…> defect major SasView fixed
#1225 Update correlation function documentation re non-Lorentz-corrected data smk78 task major SasView fixed
#883 Add link to source code of each model to model documentation smk78 enhancement minor sasmodels fixed
#999 PIL outputs a lot of white noise to log file butler enhancement minor SasView wontfix
#1108 "Writing a Plugin Model" does not explain function "random" defect minor sasmodels fixed
#1157 force background to 0.0 for structure factors pkienzle defect minor SasView fixed
#1190 documentation for magnetism need update smk78 defect minor SasView invalid
#1152 document limits on parameter ranges for Hayter-Penfold structure factor defect trivial SasView fixed

Status: new (63 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1263 Change source links in model docs to local paths enhancement blocker SasView
#928 Provide new tutorial materials task critical SasView
#1053 warn the user not to set a large theta dispersity defect critical SasView
#1080 Provide a multi-shell cylinder model enhancement critical sasmodels
#1186 be_polyelectrolyte model needs proper validation check defect critical SasView
#1199 Parameter error boxes are too small for error defect critical SasView
#1200 Copy Params claims it is failing defect critical SasView
#1214 Generic Sacttering Calculator crashes on file loading (OSX) defect critical SasView
#1254 Windows does not pull in build number defect critical SasView
#441 Problem with constrained simultaneous fit defect major SasView
#552 star_polymer model richardh enhancement major SasView
#613 fixed parameters in sasmodels enhancement major SasView
#702 Limiting cases of cylinder model dirk defect major sasmodels
#719 Generalize 1D and 2D data enhancement major SasView
#764 redefine rectangular distribution parameters defect major SasView
#785 Add volume fraction profile to Correlation Function analysis smk78 enhancement major SasView
#788 cross check different implementations of the same shape task major sasmodels
#791 make fractal a structure factor model enhancement major sasmodels
#805 improve accuracy of fcc/bcc/sc defect major SasView
#813 Can stacked_disk model support polydisperse parameters butler defect major SasView
#839 Unit tests for Saving/Loading Projects krzywon defect major SasView
#871 autogenerated plot in doc for rpa is not helpful defect major sasmodels
#872 document polydispersity and fitting for integer parameters defect major SasView
#878 broad q resolution for USANS and negative q for USANS defect major SasView
#888 Support numpy v1.12.0+ - Array indices must be integers defect major SasView
#893 oriented 2D versions of rectangular prism models enhancement major SasView
#894 triaxial ellipsoid with circular equator does not match ellipsoid defect major SasView
#910 use new orientation for magnetic models defect major SasView
#937 Build new tutorials as eBook task major SasView
#953 cross check dll/opencl/python polydispersity and orientation results defect major SasView
#958 Proper Handling of Background Term in Invariant Analysis defect major SasView
#963 fix stacked disk (qx,qy) test defect major SasView
#979 Resolve inconsistent naming of peak models defect major sasmodels
#988 gcc has long compile times for sasmodels defect major SasView
#989 use sasview installation to run batch scripts defect major SasView
#996 Put latest version available in status bar enhancement major SasView
#998 improve corfunc tests defect major SasView
#1015 opencl memory errors during fits defect major SasView
#1022 sum and product models won't work with multiplicity defect major SasView
#1055 make sure 1D data masks apply to fits defect major SasView
#1058 Improve progress notification for slow calculations enhancement major SasView
#1066 Add Maier-Saupe type orientational distribution defect major SasView
#1085 standardize orientation docs across models defect major SasView
#1087 Check package versions in yaml files and defect major SasView
#1091 improve parallelism for 1D integration models enhancement major SasView
#1095 Ship tinycc with MAC enhancement major SasView
#1109 Only one plot is allowed for all open fit tabs defect major SasView
#1110 Basis for polydispersity normalization may be wrong defect major SasView
#1144 Redundant MultiplicationModel class pkienzle defect major SasView
#1154 Refactor tests so that gui doesn't reload module each time pkienzle defect major sasmodels
#1169 Limit of core_shell_cylinder should be exactly the same as hollow_cylinder defect major SasView
#1180 Use mypy for static type checking enhancement major SasView
#1192 recode the BSL loader in python defect major SasView
#1208 redo mac startup notification defect major SasView
#1209 OpenCL Options dialog is always testing dll defect major SasView
#1210 ImageViewer on OSX loads only png files defect major SasView
#1211 fails if tinycc isn't built (windows) defect major SasView
#1213 Display title rather than filename in data browser krzywon defect major SasView
#1219 and categories.json are overwriten when running from defect major SasView
#1224 Add warning to smearing sizer in fitpage when dq is too large defect major SasView
#1230 parallelize polydispersity loops defect major SasView
#1233 py3 support for 4.x series defect major SasView
#1244 Resolution calculator gives incorrect results for sigma x, sigma y defect major SasView
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