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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#246 Fix problem with with dire install warnings from OS piotr task critical SasView
#299 write SasView Paper butler task critical SasView
#565 Update check_packages to flag required package versions tim enhancement critical SasView
#303 Integrate user and developer websites ajj enhancement minor SasView

Status: assigned (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#483 Create web page / section with list of publications using SasView. krzywon task critical SasView
#681 Move All Package Dependencies to a Single Place piotr task critical SasView
#768 ensure everything useful is backed up ajj task critical SasView
#773 Need to add a "license" field for each model in the marketplace piotr enhancement major sasmodels Markeplace
#1255 Migration from Trac to GitHub issues ricardo enhancement major SasView
#1256 Migration from trac wiki to GitHub wiki ricardo task major SasView
#211 Reorganize users on butler enhancement minor SasView

Status: closed (48 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#219 easy developer setup Parker task critical SasView obsolete
#296 Move windows build batch file to repository enhancement critical SasView fixed
#300 Develop Roadmap Document For SasView development task critical SasView fixed
#301 Unit testing infrastructure is broken defect critical SasView fixed
#1023 Finalise user mailing list move and close old mailing lists enhancement critical SasView fixed
#92 auto builds (win, osx10.4) at NIST jhjcho enhancement major SansView fixed
#192 testing ticket defect major SasView invalid
#222 Build System consistency and robustness- wiki pages Jackson defect major SasView fixed
#223 Build System consistency and robustness - packages Jackson/Krzywon/Doucet/Torben task major SasView obsolete
#224 Build System consistency and robustness - scripts in repo Tobias Richter task major SasView fixed
#227 Need onboarding list butler task major SasView fixed
#257 about page on web needs updating butler enhancement major SasView fixed
#305 migrate repository to github ajj task major SasView fixed
#307 Edit Pylint preferences defect major SasView fixed
#309 change trac access to defect major SasView fixed
#310 fix links on webpages defect major SasView fixed
#321 Remove references to sourceforge defect major SasView fixed
#326 clean up Jae-Hie's old website butler defect major SasView fixed
#327 Need to update wiki pages butler defect major SasView fixed
#333 write and submit abstract for SAS 2015 mathieu task major SasView fixed
#394 should redirect to defect major SasView fixed
#699 Push new documentation to the website ajj defect major SasView fixed
#711 github integration not working on sasmodels ajj defect major SasView fixed
#731 Bring roadmap uptdodate ajj task major SasView fixed
#759 Generate PDFs of Roadmap ajj defect major SasView fixed
#763 Update categories at marketplace lewis task major sasmodels Markeplace fixed
#809 Provide information on supported platforms defect major SasView fixed
#831 only process ticket updates from checkin messages when merged to master defect major SasView duplicate
#873 Lower entry barrier for developers GitHub <noreply@…> task major SasView fixed
#886 Sort out developer documentation / wiki defect major SasView fixed
#925 Marketplace Admin Panel issues ajj defect major sasmodels Markeplace fixed
#927 Add LibreOffice to Build Servers trnielsen task major SasView fixed
#1026 Deleting trac wiki pages fails ajj defect major SasView fixed
#1027 Need to update Roadmap butler task major SasView fixed
#1165 Github services going away wojciech defect major SasView fixed
#1262 Recreate missing mailing list archives from personal mailbox ajj defect major SasView fixed
#194 Ubuntu builds do not produce a usable egg for installation. ajj defect minor SasView fixed
#200 License Survey butler task minor SasView fixed
#201 Mac build failures Peter Parker task minor SasView fixed
#274 Problem with time sync on danse.chem butler defect minor SasView fixed
#304 Migrate mailing lists away from sourceforge task minor SasView fixed
#306 Set up build jobs for bumps and periodictable in Jenkins task minor SasView fixed
#485 Update Mac build script to rename .dmg file ajj enhancement minor SasView fixed
#501 Tidy up Trac admin issues ajj defect minor SasView fixed
#803 Non working links in documentation smk78 task minor SasView fixed
#874 Fix link between git commit messages and trac ajj defect minor SasView fixed
#217 Verify Correctness of Shulz Zimm Distribution gonzales/butler/ajj/heenan task trivial SasView invalid
#740 deemphasize closed tickets in trac ticket lists defect trivial SasView fixed

Status: new (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1237 Need to get mail archives up and available defect blocker SasView
#1235 Fix twitter feed defect critical SasView
#1236 Transition all UTK services to interim server enhancement critical SasView
#239 Need to verify UTK vs. Caltech License ownership butler defect major SasView
#328 Create SasView organanization and resolve ownership issues defect major SasView
#841 mac build instructions are incomplete and need updating french task major SasView
#914 Update install instructions / release notes for users who have Xcode installed but haven't authorised command line tools task major SasView
#1028 Code Camp VI report needs to be writen task major SasView
#1029 Need to write the Code Camp VII report task major SasView
#1034 Add remote power switch to UTK server enhancement major SasView
#1071 Remove SasView from SourceForge entirely ajj task major SasView
#1238 can we get citations added to zenodo? enhancement major SasView
#1239 Set up Mirror Sites of services defect major SasView
#1245 Seamless documentation slurping by model marketplace enhancement major sasmodels Markeplace
#1246 Auto generate example data set/plot in model marketplace defect major sasmodels Markeplace
#1251 Need a Help Desk ticket system separate from bug tracking system enhancement major SasView
#1252 Need to make easy to track different version of a model in the marketplace enhancement major sasmodels
#362 Need to write trac wiki page of all services and locations etc task minor SasView
#494 Assure that the Qt licensing model is valid for SasView task minor SasView
#774 Move away from postgress for the markeplace defect minor sasmodels Markeplace
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