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Milestone: SasView 4.0.0 (30 matches)

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#270 wontfix Verify that BUMPS is computing reduced chisq correctly smk78
#318 fixed Integration of sasmodels documentation with SasView smk78 ajj
#319 fixed sasmodels unit testing ajj
#347 fixed lamellarFFHG investigate polydisp integration richardh richardh
#348 fixed control order in which fit parameters appear in gui richardh richardh
#361 fixed Check all models for order of parameters being passed richardh ajj
#364 fixed Possible inconsistency in Poly_GaussCoil model smk78 gonzalezm
#377 fixed HayterMSAsq erratic results at very small Q and needs test on Mac pkienzle richardh
#410 fixed error with raspberry model ajj butler
#411 fixed No stop button on simultaneous fit piotr pkienzle
#434 fixed Display which Fit Option (optimizer) is in use on the FitPage smk78
#439 fixed Hayter Penfold MSA code needs checking richardh butler
#456 fixed Provide DREAM Results Panel with something to identify data and age of results shown smk78
#471 fixed Remove welcome menu item from help menu butler butler
#476 fixed autogenerate theory curves for sasmodels documentation pkienzle
#484 fixed lamellarPC is precision limited richardh pkienzle
#498 fixed $HOME/.matplotlib conflicts ajj pkienzle
#505 fixed List modules needing changing to accommodate sasmodels new structure butler
#506 fixed Fix loading of models in and autodiscovery ajj butler
#509 fixed Replace J1.c with cephes implementation wojciech wojciech
#511 fixed Restructure Document tree in User Documentation butler
#515 fixed SasView Menu bar clarity butler
#531 invalid What's going on with fit threads? piotr
#532 fixed Handling of custom models via sasmodels gonzalezm ajj
#533 fixed Make polydispersy work in sasview with sasmodels ajj
#538 fixed Need to clean out old sasmodels infrastructure from SasView krzywon butler
#544 fixed control order in which fit parameters appear in gui for user supplied models ajj
#545 fixed Integrated documentation tocs need manual updating when new models are added smk78 smk78
#547 fixed Selecting an S(Q) causes SasView 4.0-alpha to hang smk78
#556 fixed 4.0 Windows local build is broken smk78
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