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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#23 Provide ability to submit bug report directly from SasView ajj enhancement minor SasView

Status: assigned (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#346 SESANS into GUI Design ajj enhancement major SasView
#426 add inequality constraints awashington enhancement major SasView
#66 Add two Yukawa potential model enhancement minor SasView
#289 Add model for cubic sponge phase none enhancement minor SasView

Status: closed (37 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#57 Clean up warnings in Python code everybody defect major SasView obsolete
#236 Add Method to Save and Load Fitting Parameters When Saving/Loading Fits krzywon defect major SasView invalid
#258 Windows installer problems when previous versions are not uninstalled defect major SasView duplicate
#360 Several model file docstrings are incorrectly formatted defect major SasView obsolete
#378 Add documentation for BUMPS usage and integrate rst files to SasView from BUMPS repo pkienzle enhancement major SasView fixed
#387 Need new tutorial documentation smk78 defect major SasView fixed
#412 Do we use libxml2? defect major SasView wontfix
#458 A problem on loading a saved project defect major SasView obsolete
#503 Problems with Proxies OS X 10.9 ajj defect major SasView wontfix
#514 Review User Documentation enhancement major SasView obsolete
#516 Add Pr Tutorial module enhancement major SasView fixed
#517 Add Invariant Tutorial Module enhancement major SasView fixed
#518 Add 1D model fitting tutorial enhancement major SasView fixed
#519 Add 2D model fitting Tutorial enhancement major SasView fixed
#520 Add constrained fit Tutorial enhancement major SasView fixed
#521 Add simultaneous fitting tutorial enhancement major SasView fixed
#522 Add Batch Fitting Tutorial enhancement major SasView fixed
#537 Magnetic sld not implemented for python models pkienzle task major SasView duplicate
#554 sasmodels docs should not refer to documentation in SasView ajj defect major SasView fixed
#605 swollen sphere parameterization defect major SasView obsolete
#618 reads from obsolete register function defect major SasView obsolete
#668 Update plugin model documentation and testing smk78 defect major SasView fixed
#746 Consider enhanced fitting constraints enhancement major SasView wontfix
#964 use Si from cephes defect major SasView duplicate
#1117 qt5 user level Data window enhancement major SasView fixed
#1260 Provide enhanced plugin testing in GUI defect major SasView duplicate
#4 Clean up warnings in C/C++ code everybody defect minor SasView wontfix
#33 Smearing documentation could be improved defect minor SasView obsolete
#230 Default "load data" directory to the last one used enhancement minor SasView fixed
#250 On Mac with WX 3.0 can kill fitting perspective and can't get it back ajj defect minor SasView wontfix
#251 Create new default category list butler enhancement minor SasView wontfix
#448 wx.NewId fails with too many IDs defect minor SasView wontfix
#810 J1(x) returns NaN for x << 0 defect minor SasView fixed
#821 display choice fields as strings, save and load as ints defect minor SasView fixed
#947 Include sasmodels api docs in sasview developer documentation ajj defect minor SasView fixed
#1113 qt5 gui - constraints not working? richardh task minor SasView wontfix
#1114 qt5 gui - model parameter table not displaying well in Windows tcbennun defect trivial SasView fixed

Status: new (58 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#549 Remove once we have appropriate sasmodels replacement defect critical SasView
#561 reparameterize onion model enhancement critical SasView
#1063 Need unit tests for combined models P(Q)S(Q) etc awashington enhancement critical sasmodels
#34 Publish packages to PyPi - sascalc & sasmodels - allow for headless install task major SasView
#63 Provide ability to look at oriented model in 1D cuts enhancement major SasView
#277 How does/should SasView handle zero intensities? enhancement major SasView
#342 analytical models for sesans enhancement major SasView
#352 SESANS with finite acceptance angles enhancement major SasView
#371 Get rid of exec calls in UI defect major SasView
#392 use adaptive integration in sasmodels enhancement major SasView
#393 Cannot start SasView with a data file path defect major SasView
#409 Add hexaganally packed cylinders with paracrytalline distortion enhancement major SasView
#425 allow constraints on batch fits enhancement major SasView
#463 Generic Scattering Calculator Enhancements: integrate into fitting enhancement major SasView
#464 Generic Scattering Calculator Enhancements: accept MD trajectories enhancement major SasView
#465 Provide choice of fitting cost function beyond Chi2 enhancement major SasView
#475 Add volume fraction explicitly in all relevant models enhancement major SasView
#487 Constraints should be relational operator not assignment operators defect major SasView
#507 SESANS into GUI - create tickets based on design exercise #346 task major SasView
#523 add list of currently used parameters to the sasmodels developer docs enhancement major SasView
#527 convert sld2i to opencl defect major SasView
#528 What should we do with the (short) model description? enhancement major SasView
#570 better custom model error diagnostics defect major SasView
#580 Sasmodels egg to be shipped to pypi defect major SasView
#587 Refactor sum/product model enhancement major SasView
#589 Need to provide at least one custom model in plugins directory defect major SasView
#602 Linearized fits can fail to find global minimum defect major SasView
#609 parameter consistency check enhancement major SasView
#610 oriented USANS measurements enhancement major SasView
#612 interrupt long C model evaluations enhancement major SasView
#619 Remove dlls from install package task major SasView
#676 Reparameterize barbell and capped cylinder enhancement major SasView
#677 Reparameterize pearl_necklace enhancement major SasView
#679 Allow kernels to use global working memory enhancement major SasView
#717 calculate all I(q) values needed for 1D resolution in one call defect major SasView
#729 Provide a loader for the BerSANS 2D format enhancement major SasView
#780 let the user set effective radius in P(Q)*S(Q) enhancement major SasView
#796 Polydispersity limited to 4 dimensions enhancement major sasmodels
#965 document reasonable q and parameter limits defect major SasView
#971 use compiled DREAM algorithm for 2-4x speedup defect major SasView
#1065 Check the parameter names for complex mixture models defect major SasView
#1122 General documentation for beta(Q) modification of S(Q) richardh enhancement major SasView
#1123 ESS_GUI branch - no logs appear in console or in sasview.log defect major SasView
#1126 Passing additional computed, non-fitting, parameter values back from models richardh enhancement major sasmodels
#1153 Separate composition of mixture models in GUI enhancement major SasView
#1170 Provide volume fraction distribution analysis in SasView enhancement major SasView
#243 Add Pegylated Vesicle Model Gonzalez enhancement minor SasView
#268 Running Sasview from the command line on linux fills the current directory with .pyc files defect minor SasView
#272 Install deletes model plugin .py files! defect minor SasView
#350 resolution for SESANS model enhancement minor SasView
#351 SESANS for anistropic scattering enhancement minor SasView
#386 warning logging not consistant defect minor SasView
#396 allow density from formula in sld calculator defect minor SasView
#413 entropy calculation requires scikit learn package defect minor SasView
#427 custom resolution is disabled for batch fits enhancement minor SasView
#477 allow user defined models to set there own html markup on units enhancement minor SasView
#481 support polydispersity for integer parameters (e.g., pearl necklace) defect minor SasView
#560 extend core multi-shell model to support spline functions. enhancement minor SasView
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