Work Plan for Code Camp VI

The primary work plan consists of the tickets that the team have marked as blocker or critical for release and SESANS sub-project tasks. Also by start of code camp (and during the camp) some bugs in 4.1.0 were identified which can and should be fixed for a patch release 4.1.1. This patch release should come out shortly after the code camp.

Once all the 4.1.1 tickets and critical/blocker tickets have been addressed, other issues can be looked at.

As tickets are closed or updated during the Code Camp they will appear on the work done list.

Tickets Marked for Release 4.1.1

Tickets Marked Critical or Blocker for Release 4.2

SESANS Integration Tickets Progress:

Progress: SESANS Analysis?

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter Work Package
#541 Uncertainties for Fits from Bumps CLI awashington SESANS Integration
#340 add support for sesans to sasmodels pkienzle SESANS Integration
#341 add SESANS reader butler SESANS Integration
#342 analytical models for sesans pkienzle SESANS Integration
#343 SESANS data loader pkienzle SESANS Integration
#344 Hankel transform pkienzle SESANS Integration
#345 BUMPS fit of SESANS pkienzle SESANS Integration
#346 SESANS into GUI Design ajj pkienzle SESANS Integration
#352 SESANS with finite acceptance angles pkienzle SESANS Integration
#507 SESANS into GUI - create tickets based on design exercise #346 butler SESANS Integration
#719 Generalize 1D and 2D data jhbakker SESANS Integration
#728 Direct SESANS model solid dilute sphere wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration
#743 Consider revising the SESANS data format read by SasView wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration
#350 resolution for SESANS model pkienzle SESANS Integration
#351 SESANS for anistropic scattering pkienzle SESANS Integration
#701 Update documentation of data formats to Include SESANS wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration
#704 Add documentation on Hankel transformation for SESANS wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration

Other Tickets for Release 4.2

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