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Incorrect (and confusing) presentation of dQ from data in instrumental smearing section

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Priority: major Milestone: SasView 4.2.1
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Selecting use dQ Data currently displays dQ high and dQ low (for pinhole data at least), However dQ low is not labelled while dQ high is labelled as dQ[%].

Prior to SasView version 4.1.0, the two values were labeled dQ high and dQ low. In 4.1.0 a change was made to the custom pinhole to be useful by asking for a dQ/Q in percent (see #850). The current labels probably were introduced accidentally in that work. However the proper fix should be to change the values presented to be dQ/Q[%] (as one label suggests) and then fix the labels to make it clear what is presented: dQ/Q low[%] and dQ/Q high[%].

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From @smk78 in ticket #850

The codebase (see and seems to have some infrastructure for computing %dQ.
I think displaying the %dQ is probably of more use to the user, and we could flag "crazy" values by turning the reporting box(es) red or similar. But exactly what we report probably needs some discussion.

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