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Incorrect (and confusing) presentation of dQ from data in instrumental smearing section

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Priority: major Milestone: SasView 4.2.1
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Selecting use dQ Data currently displays dQ high and dQ low (for pinhole data at least), However dQ low is not labelled while dQ high is labelled as dQ[%].

Prior to SasView version 4.1.0, the two values were labeled dQ high and dQ low. In 4.1.0 a change was made to the custom pinhole to be useful by asking for a dQ/Q in percent (see #850). The current labels probably were introduced accidentally in that work. However the proper fix should be to change the values presented to be dQ/Q[%] (as one label suggests) and then fix the labels to make it clear what is presented: dQ/Q low[%] and dQ/Q high[%].

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by butler

From @smk78 in ticket #850

The codebase (see and seems to have some infrastructure for computing %dQ.
I think displaying the %dQ is probably of more use to the user, and we could flag "crazy" values by turning the reporting box(es) red or similar. But exactly what we report probably needs some discussion.

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by butler

In bd3a3aeddd7ce76c9a217131f424f1df54ed988b/sasview:

Fix reporting of pinhole resolution on FitPage? when taken from data

GUI now reports dQ/Q as the label suggested. Also labels were fixed to
be more clear. Finally a small bit of code cleanup was attempted. Note
that there is a serious problem with the 2D resolution part of that GUI.
This is a previously unreported problem which may be dealt with in
another ticket or may be done here depending on the effort required.

addresses #1206

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by butler

In f6322479fd536fc269f4624681874d3500690e27/sasview:

Fix 2D smearing GUI

Make 2D from data as % of average. Fix input and message boxes to be
the right ones and fix some logic issues

addresses #1206

comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by smk78

Tested Build#67 on W64 and verify that the GUI now shows dQ/Q in % at Qmin and Qmax.

If one wanted to put a big fat cherry on top of this fix, it would be to make the dQ/Q boxes change colour if the value is 'excessive' in order to draw the users attention to it.

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In a13c41b8f2613602a02054c4a6216ecb4b012a8d/sasview:

Merge pull request #203 from SasView?/ticket_1206

Ticket 1206 - fix problems in smearing sizer

Fixes #1206
Fixes #1222

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