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Richard's page

Novice users should not "need to know hidden features"

"fit pages" have compute & fit buttons, could also have "save fit" and "report" buttons, even "save model".

"save fit" could put up a list of "fit, P(Q), S(Q), unsmeared, etc" to choose which to save. [FISH does this]

It is very tedious at present to use the same model on a different data set. Either - get the "data source" drop down at top of fit page to work to change data Or - change "send to" then "fitting" to instead have "current fit page" or "new fit page"

Could possibly save results of every fit so that "wind back" to previous results is possible - but could get very messy for simultaneous fits etc.

Need look at constraints & polydispersity again. If possible, would be useful to add a fittable parameter that can be used within constraints. e.g. I want (Rcore+Tshell)/Rcore = C this requires constraint for Tshell = Rcore(C-1) where C can be fitted. This would save having to write variant models, BUT constraints may need to be called inside polydispersity integrations for say Rcore , which may not be possible here. [FISH does this]

The fitting methods that hide inside "fitting" / "fit options" menu should be much more obvious and have explanations e.g. DREAM (aka Bumps? )has no explanation.

Adding custom models is good, but duplicate "tools" / "python shell/editor" inside the "fitting" / "Edit custom model" menu please.