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Novice users should not "need to know hidden features"

"fit pages" have compute & fit buttons, could also have "save fit" and "report" buttons.

"save fit" could put up a list of "fit, P(Q), S(Q), unsmeared, etc" to choose from. [FISH does this]

It is very tedious at present to use the same model on a different data set. Either - get the "data source" drop down at top of fit page to work to change data Or - change "send to" then "fitting" to have "current fit page" or "new fit page"

Could possibly save results of every fit so that "wind back" to previous results is possible - but could get very messy for simultaneous fits etc.

Need look at constraints & polydispersity again. If possible, would be useful to add a fittable parameter that can be used within constraints. e.g. I want (Rcore+Tshell)/Rcore = C this requires constraint for Tshell = Rcore(C-1) where C can be fitted. This would save having to write variant models, BUT constraints may need to be called inside polydispersity integrations for say Rcore , which may not be possible here. [FISH does this]