Mar 6, 2014:

8:55 AM Ticket #207 (Batch fitting does not display the correct data) created by smk78
This defect exists in SasView? 2.2.1 and 3.0.0. After executing a batch …

Feb 18, 2014:

1:47 PM Changeset in sasview [c6ca23d]ESS_GUIESS_GUI_DocsESS_GUI_batch_fittingESS_GUI_bumps_abstractionESS_GUI_iss1116ESS_GUI_iss879ESS_GUI_iss959ESS_GUI_openclESS_GUI_orderingESS_GUI_sync_sascalccostrafo411magnetic_scattrelease-4.1.1release-4.1.2release-4.2.2release_4.0.1ticket-1009ticket-1094-headlessticket-1242-2d-resolutionticket-1243ticket-1249ticket885unittest-saveload by Jeff Krzywon <jeffery.krzywon@…>
Fixed the file header writing issue for cansas data files outlined in …

Feb 17, 2014:

11:59 AM Changeset in sasview [7eb3aa2]ESS_GUIESS_GUI_DocsESS_GUI_batch_fittingESS_GUI_bumps_abstractionESS_GUI_iss1116ESS_GUI_iss879ESS_GUI_iss959ESS_GUI_openclESS_GUI_orderingESS_GUI_sync_sascalccostrafo411magnetic_scattrelease-4.1.1release-4.1.2release-4.2.2release_4.0.1ticket-1009ticket-1094-headlessticket-1242-2d-resolutionticket-1243ticket-1249ticket885unittest-saveload by ajj
Updating docs to add PringleModel? (ticket #199)

Feb 14, 2014:

4:52 AM Ticket #206 (Allow for custom integration range in Invariant perspective) created by smk78
At present the Invariant perspective integrates over the full range of the …
4:45 AM Ticket #205 (Provide for Kratky representation of data) created by smk78
Modify Graph → Change Scale → Properties dialog, and provide underlying …

Feb 13, 2014:

6:02 AM Ticket #204 (SasView no longer writing CanSAS XML files compliant with the schema) created by smk78
CanSAS 1D XML files written from SasView? (testing v3.0.0) have the header: …
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