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#968 About Box not showing correct version number defect blocker SasView 4.1.1 SasView
#1134 sum/multi scale factor in 4.2 seems incorrect? pkienzle defect blocker SasView 4.2.0 SasView
#1229 Copy updated corfunc_help to Github for new website docs mathieu task blocker SasView 4.2.1 SasView
#72 2D Box avrage plot has not enough # of points displayed. defect major SansView
#192 testing ticket defect major Admin Tasks SasView
#197 Unhealthy Competition defect major SasView 3.0.0 SasView
#236 Add Method to Save and Load Fitting Parameters When Saving/Loading Fits krzywon defect major SasView Next Release +1 SasView
#404 Missing documentation for custom model editors defect major SasView 3.1.0 SasView
#531 What's going on with fit threads? defect major SasView 4.0.0 SasView
#632 Batch fitting problem when switching to single fit and back defect major SasView 4.0.0 SasView
#722 Fitting Range and Checked Fit Parameters Not Saved defect major SasView 4.1.0 SasView
#966 Inconsistent chi2 reporting defect major SasView 4.2.0 SasView
#1073 Discrepancy in code for polymer_excl_volume defect major sasmodels 1.0 sasmodels
#1194 console log hides bottom of data explorer defect major SasView 5.0.0 SasView
#88 Add basic cubic model kieranrcampbell enhancement minor SansView
#408 Doc path breaks on Macs if exe is renamed defect minor SasView 3.1.0 SasView
#1190 documentation for magnetism need update smk78 defect minor SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#217 Verify Correctness of Shulz Zimm Distribution gonzales/butler/ajj/heenan task trivial Admin Tasks SasView
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