Upgrade the website to a more modern look and at the same time improve the ease of access to key information for new users

Technical Implementation

The lowest barrier to entry is to use Jekyll (https://jekyllrb.com) as this is supported on GitHub pages.


There are a lot of Jekyll themes out there, but many are not suitable for a professional website. Please look at:

and add your favourite / mark your favourite with your initials in the table below:

Theme NameLinkVotes
Minimal Mistakeshttps://mmistakes.github.io/minimal-mistakes/AJJ, TS (Graphics Dependent), MG
Beautiful-jekyllhttps://deanattali.com/beautiful-jekyll/WP, MD, RL

At the November 13 meeting beautiful-jekyll was agreed as the choice, partly due to the need for lots of graphics work to make the minimal-mistakes theme work. Ricardo Leal agreed to take a first stab at conversion.

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