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Code Camp VII Planning


The seventh SasView Code Camp will held at ESS/DMSC in Copenhagen from 23rd to 29th October 2017. We will run code camp from Monday morning till Sunday afternoon (half day). People are encouraged to arrive on the 22nd and leave late on the 29th or on the 30th

Travel and Accommodation

Hotel Suggestion

The code camp hotel is Kong Arthur

Getting to/from the Hotel and Cobis

The hotel is situated close to Norreport station. 10 minutes by bass, 35minutes walk from Cobis.

Contact Information

Wojtek Potrzebowski (phone +45 25 50 39 18)

Entrance to the Cobis

Entrance token needed during the weekend, otherwise entrance through reception desk

Participants (tentative)

In the last column please indicate if you want to use an external screen during the code camp and what operating system you work on. I will do my best to supply them.

ParticipantAffiliationArrivalDepartureHotel External Screen?/OS Notes
Paul Butler NIST 22nd 30th Kong Arther No
Andrew Jackson ESS 23rd 29th Kong Arthur No (except will be in Lund night of 24th and 25th)
Piotr Rozyczko ESS N/A N/A N/A Yes, Win
Wojtek Potrzebowski ESS N/A N/A N/A Yes/OSX
Celine Durniak ESS N/A N/A N/A Yes/OSX
Torben Roland Nielsen ESS N/A N/A N?A Yes/OSX
Richard Heenan ISIS 23rd 29th (16:35 at cph) Kong Arthur (except will be in Lund night of 25th)
Adam Washington ISIS 23rd 29th (16:35 at cph) Kong Arthur Yes, Linux & Win
Jeff Krzywon NIST 23rd, 11:05 CPH 29th, 09:55 CPH Kong Arthur Yes, Win
Tim Snow Diamond 22nd, 09:43 CPH (BA812) 26th, 20:15 CPH (BA821) Kong Arthur Yes, Mac
Dirk Honecker ILL 22nd 30th Kong Arthur