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Code Camp VI Planning


The sixth SasView Code Camp will be held at the ESRF and the Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France from 4th to 11th April 2017.


Travel and Accommodation

Hotel Suggestion

The code camp hotel is Royal Hotel (

The hotel is near the train station. The rate is 65.90 euros/night, breakfast included. Free wifi. While the lobby is small, in the evening we will have access to the adjacent breakfast area as well for the usual after dinner discussions, etc.

We have a pre-reservation of 9 rooms for 8 nights (3-11 April) + 5 rooms for 9 nights (2-11 April).

Please confirm your reservation individually by emailing the hotel (info(at), mention "SASVIEW" in the subject) as soon as possible, in particular if your incoming or departure dates are different, and in any case no later than March 15th.

Getting to/from the Hotel and the Polygone Scientifique

The hotel is situated at 2 rue Gabriel Peri, just 20 meters from the Avenue Alsace-Lorraine. The easiest way to get to the ILL is to take the tramway B at the Alsace-Lorraine stop (situated at the crossing between Alsace-Lorraine and Jean Jaures avenues) in the direction Grenoble - Presqu'ile. You get off at the last stop and walk about 500 m heading North along the Avenue des Martyrs until reaching the entrance of the EPN (ILL-ESRF-EMBL-IBS) campus to your left.

Contact Information

Miguel A. Gonzalez (phone +33 476 20 71 66 / +33 606 41 13 87)

Secretary: Brigitte Dubouloz (phone +33 476 20 72 26)

Entrance to the ILL

Please check if you have an account in the ILL User Club ( If not, create one in order to be added to the ILL database, so that we can request your entrance permission. Bring your passport when you arrive to the ILL.

Participants (tentative)

Paul Butler NIST Le Royal No
Dirk Honecker ILL
Andrew Jackson ESS 2nd April (SK 617 GVA 18:40) 11th April (SN3592 LYS 18:55) Royal Hotel No
Wojciech Potrzebowski ESS 3rd April (GVA 19:30) 11th April (LYS 17:45) Royal Hotel Grenoble No
Piotr Rozyczko ESS 3rd April (GVA 19:30) 11th April (LYS 17:45) Royal Hotel Grenoble No
Ricardo M. F. Leal ORNL 31 Mars (LYS 10:50) 12 April (LYS 10:40) Royal Hotel No
Steve King ISIS 2nd April (LYS 16:50) 11th April (LYS 17:45) Royal Hotel Not unless anyone thinks we need one?
Richard Heenan ISIS 2nd April (LYS 16:50) 11th April (LYS 17:45) Royal Hotel
Adam Washington ISIS
Tim Snow DLS 2nd April 11th April Le Royal Hotel No
Jeff Krzywon NIST 3rd April (GVA 07:40) 11th April (GVA 11:45) Royal Hotel Grenoble No
Wim Bouwman Delft 3rd April evening 7th April morning Royal Hotel Grenoble No
Miguel A. Gonzalez ILL
Paul Kienzle NIST 2 April (GVA 07:40) 12 April (GVA 11:45) Royal Hotel Grenoble No
Marco Adamo ILL
Sylvain Prevost ILL