Code Camp IX Future and Roadmap Discussion

  • Brief reminder of SasView history, background and overall status - Butler
  • Presentation of Roadmap aspirations for mid 2019 - Butler
  • Status of progress against Roadmap
    • Status of 5.0 and transition from SINE2020 to community - Wojciech
    • Developing community interactions
      • Welcoming new contributors - Jackson
      • New website and cleanup of twitter feed - Jackson
      • e-learning - King
      • Future code camps vs boot camps - Wojciech
    • SasView paper, DOIs and publication tracking - Jackson
    • Headless operation - Wojciech
    • Infrastructure work - moving fully to github - Ricardo
    • From Tuesday Discussion (on Roadmap for next cycle)
      • Model reparameterization
      • 1D oriented models
      • Crystal structures (a la scatter)
      • Beta approximation, Amplitudes and more complex structure factors
      • Different integration methods
  • Presentation of Current Priorities as set out on Roadmap - King

Comments and Discussion

  • There is big need for user training
    • Narayanan: Really is very intuitive and easy to use and developers should be commended.
    • King: the software caters to a broad range of users from those who write their own analysis scripts to those who don't know what to do with a data set.
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