Lower entry barrier for new developers. Teach python basics, introduce to sasview code base, familiarize with github and other developers tools, write up a simple plugin model. This training will be recommended before joining a code camp. Boot camps are supposed to be held regularly and both in Europe and US. The boot camp will most likely take two days. First day will be mostly introduction to python. Day 2 dedicated to specifically to SasView?. Experienced python programmers will skip Day 1. Target group: students, graduate students, postdocs.

AGENDA (tentative)

  • Day 1 (optional)
    • Introduction to python (basics, jupyter notebook, math libraries (numpy), plotting) 4h
    • Lunch
    • Exercises 2-4h:
      • Implement your own sphere model using numpy and compute Iq (plot)
      • Implement sphere model using sasmodels
      • Compare solutions from exercise 1 and 2

  • Day 2
    • Introduction to GitHub, branching, pull request 1h
    • SasView code overview 30min
    • Documentation (maybe Latex) 15-30min
    • Sasmodels (python and C models, probably some exercise) 1h
    • Plugin model editor 30min
    • SasView marketplace 15min
    • Lunch
    • Write your own model 4h
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