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#64 Clever default behavior for batch and parametric table and plots jhjcho enhancement minor SasView 9 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Created
#31 Allow single step option during fitting enhancement major SasView 9 years
#44 Need to review all uses of pop-up information and the information bar task major SasView 9 years
#611 more typical C code for kernels enhancement major SasView 5 years
#1002 Implement multi-phase fractal model enhancement major sasmodels 3 years
#1082 Improve traceability of SasView output defect major SasView 3 years
#30 Allow user changing of default model parameters enhancement minor SasView 9 years
#100 Add ChenFractal Model enhancement minor SasView 8 years
#496 Remove mutable default arguments in function definitions defect minor SasView 5 years
#917 Nexus Support for SESANS awashington enhancement minor SasView 4 years
#972 explore -cl-uniform-work-group-size compiler option defect minor SasView 4 years
#1092 Add fractional bin support to dataloader manipulations awashington enhancement minor SasView 3 years
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