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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#945 autogenerate orientation parameters new enhancement major sasmodels WishList sasmodels
#992 Improve bound Levenberg-Marquardt solver assigned enhancement major SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#1144 Redundant MultiplicationModel class new defect major SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#1154 Refactor tests so that gui doesn't reload module each time new defect major SasView 4.3.0 sasmodels
#1171 Expose volume calculation in SasModels new enhancement major SasView 5.0.0 sasmodels
#542 capped_cylinder & barbell docs and/or computations could be improved new enhancement minor SasView 4.3.0 sasmodels
#940 fit_one_of function to avoid redundant parameters assigned enhancement minor sasmodels WishList sasmodels
#1056 Check max_pd maximum number polydisperse parameters new defect minor SasView 4.3.0 sasmodels
#1258 In 4.2 polydisperse hollow_cylinder @S(Q) fails new defect minor SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#911 Can correlation matrix be made visible for Levenberg Marquardt? new enhancement trivial SasView 5.0.0 SasView
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