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Updated release notes. Addresses #1146

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  • docs/sphinx-docs/source/user/RELEASE.rst

    r2ae8579 r1d2a4aa  
    1919With this version the change to the new model API and plugins infrastructure 
    20 begun with 4.0 is essentially complete (though extensions are in the works 
    21 and more are likely they should remain backwardly compatible with previous 
     20begun with 4.0 is essentially complete (though extensions are in the works, 
     21and more are likely, they should remain backwardly compatible with previous 
    2222versions of SasView). 
    24 .. warning:: Old-style plugin models, including old sum|multiply models will continue 
    25              to be supported (i.e. SasView will be able to run them) in 4.x. However, 
    26              the expectation is that such support will be removed in 5.0 and everyone 
    27              is strongly encouraged to convert their custom models to the new API. 
     24.. warning:: Old-style plugin models, including old sum|multiply models, continue 
     25             to be supported (i.e. SasView will run them) in 4.x, although our 
     26             automatic on-the-fly translation may not cope in all use cases (see  
     27             Known Issues below). However, this backward compatibility will be  
     28             removed in 5.0 and users are therefore strongly encouraged to  
     29             convert their custom models to the new API. 
    2931Finally, the changes to orientation angles and orientational distribution 
    5658  objects have been rectified. Some questions remain however. 
    5759* The known issue with the core_shell_parallelepiped model is now fixed. 
     60* An error in the be_polyelectrolyte model was identified and rectified, but  
     61  the fix is yet to be validated. 
    5862* A number of issues and inconsistencies with the creation of 
    5963  sum|multiply models have been rectified. 
    6468* There are several data loading improvements. 
    6569* There are several improvements to Save/Load Project. 
     70* The SasView version number now appears in Reports. 
     71* The Release Notes are now available from the program Help menu. 
    6672* There have been numerous other bug fixes. 
    7076Several sections of the help documentation have undergone significant 
    7177checking and updating, particularly those relating to orientation, 
    72 magnetic scattering, and polydispersity distributions. Detailed 
    73 advanced instructions for plugin writing and some scripting 
    74 instructions have been added. 
     78magnetic scattering, and polydispersity distributions. 
     80Detailed advanced instructions for plugin writing and some scripting 
     81instructions have also been added. 
     83Concerns about the intended versus implemented meaning of some parameters 
     84in the bcc_paracrystal, fcc_paracrystal, and sc_paracrystal models have 
     85been brought to our attention. These have yet to be resolved and so a 
     86Warning has been placed on each of these models. Anyone who feels they 
     87may have the requisite expertise to investigate these concerns is strongly 
     88encouraged to contact the Developers! 
    7690Other Work 
    90104Bug Fixes 
     106* Fixes #  14: Loading a saved project is really really slow 
    92107* Fixes # 260: Box integration does not update when entering values in dialog 
    93108* Fixes # 446: Saving plot as PGF (not PDF!) format throws error 
    109124* Fixes # 784: Add 3D integral to Correlation Function analysis 
    110125* Fixes # 786: core_shell_parallelepiped 1-D model is incorrect 
    111 * Fixes # 818: "report button" followed by "save" makes an empty pdf file 
     126* Fixes # 818: “report button” followed by “save” makes an empty pdf file??? 
     127* Fixes # 830: Check compliance of loader against NXcanSAS-1.0 release 
    112128* Fixes # 838: Fix model download from marketplace 
    113129* Fixes # 848: can't save analysis when only one fit page 
    114 * Fixes # 849: Load Folder should ignore files starting with "." 
     130* Fixes # 849: Load Folder should ignore files starting with . 
    115131* Fixes # 852: More unit tests, especially for oriented or 2d models 
    116132* Fixes # 854: remove unnecessary sleep() in fitting perspective 
    134150* Fixes # 906: polydispersity not showing up in tabulated results 
    135151* Fixes # 912: About box points to misleading contributors page on Github 
     152* Fixes # 913: Need to add Diamond developer and logo in relevant places 
    136153* Fixes # 915: load project issues 
    137154* Fixes # 916: Proper Logging 
    151168* Fixes # 961: sasmodels tests should fail if the parameter name does not exist 
    152169* Fixes # 962: star polymer typo in docs 
     170* Fixes # 966: Inconsistent chi2 reporting 
    153171* Fixes # 967: no uncertainties errors on fitting parameters 
    154172* Fixes # 969: About Box not picking up dls_logo.png 
    156174* Fixes # 974: blacklist Intel HD 620/630 for double precision 
    157175* Fixes # 978: load project fails for pages which have not been defined 
     176* Fixes # 980: Inconsistent results between Igor & SasView using Fractal Core-Shell model 
    158177* Fixes # 983: Remove Nexus Loader 
    159178* Fixes # 984: PDF reports are not being properly generated on Windows 
    166185* Fixes #1006: multiplicity models don't work with SQ 
    167186* Fixes #1007: spherical_sld model freezes SasView 
    168 * Fixes #1008: plugin model scaling not working? S 
     187* Fixes #1008: plugin model scaling not working? 
    169188* Fixes #1010: Win64 build script not creating working executable 
    170189* Fixes #1011: sld_test failing on ubuntu 
     190* Fixes #1012: ESS GUI not updating after fitting 
    171191* Fixes #1013: FileReaderBaseClass output[] not reset - same file loaded multiple times 
    172192* Fixes #1018: add Boltzmann distribution 
    174194* Fixes #1024: Update version numbers in master 
    175195* Fixes #1025: Sum/multiply editor hangs 
     196* Fixes #1030: volume normalization for hollow shapes is different from solvent-filled shapes 
    176197* Fixes #1032: convert C++ modules to C 
    177198* Fixes #1035: Order of combining P(Q) and S(Q) in Plugins seems to matter 
    178199* Fixes #1037: data loader crop not working? & all fits crashing 
    179200* Fixes #1043: problem compiling marketplace models 
     201* Fixes #1044: Unable to upload c file to marketplace 
     202* Fixes #1046: convert non builtin models in the marketplace to new API 
    180203* Fixes #1050: fix appveyor test for sasmodels win 64 python 3 
    181204* Fixes #1052: Can't use a user-created plugin model in a plugin model 
     205* Fixes #1054: Check plugin & orientation descriptions in full docs once SasModels PR #57 is merged 
    182206* Fixes #1057: phi rotation issue for elliptical cylinder 
    183207* Fixes #1060: incorrect default for rectangle dispersion 
    184208* Fixes #1062: win32 build not installing correctly 
    185 * Fixes #1064: Fitting did not converge!!! error with a Sum|Multi plugin model 
     209* Fixes #1064: "Fitting did not converge!!!" error with a Sum|Multi plugin model 
     210* Fixes #1068: 2d data (from NG7) not loadiing - strange format? 
    186211* Fixes #1069: GUI problem when using polydispersity/orientation distributions 
    187212* Fixes #1070: Parameter error boxes should not be editable 
     213* Fixes #1072: Orientation distributions seem to depend on initial angle 
    188214* Fixes #1079: Remove save button in report dialog on Mac 
    189215* Fixes #1081: GUI problem with new orientation distribution 
    191217* Fixes #1099: Erratic behaviour of Sum|Multi model in 4.1.2 
    192218* Fixes #1101: Batch results page not displaying polydispersity values 
     219* Fixes #1103: Problem with plugin models on mac when using ER 
     220* Fixes #1128: AutoPlot generation for model documentation does not include background 
    193221* Fixes #1131: OpencCl dialog does not open 
    194222* Fixes #1132: Slit Size Calculator Tool not working 
     223* Fixes #1133: Reference in Acknowledging SasView box will need updating for release 
     224* Fixes #1134: sum/multi scale factor in 4.2 seems incorrect? 
    195225* Fixes #1139: Missing Docs and Help for new Batch Slicing 
    196226* Fixes #1141: Intro to scripting.rst needs improvement 
    197227* Fixes #1142: Plugin framework is broken 
    198 * Fixes #1044: Unable to upload c file to marketplace 
    199228* Fixes #1145: Update models in model marketplace to 4.2 when 4.2 is released. 
    200 * Fixes #1148: Documentation for S(Q) models need updating 
    201 * Fixes #1128: AutoPlot generation for model documentation does not include background 
    203 It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version, but your 
    204 attention is drawn to the Changes section above. 
     229* Fixes #1146: Need to add Release notes for 4.2 
     230* Fixes #1155: BE Polyelectrolyte errors 
     231* Fixes #1160: fix VR for core_shell_cylinder, fractal_core_shell and hollow_cylinder 
     232* Fixes #1163: Fix help note in sum of sum|multiply interface 
     233* Fixes #1164: Sphinx doc build does not support superscript or substitution 
     234* Fixes #1166: No longer able to report from multiple fit pages 
     235* Fixes #1167: Clarify the documentation for the Spinodal Model 
     236* Fixes #1173: more problems with math in plugins 
     237* Fixes #1174: Update list of contributors on webpage 
     238* Fixes #1176: Make Release Notes/Known Issues available from Help in Menu Bar 
     239* Fixes #1179: PDF Report should contain SasView Version Number 
     240* Fixes #1183: Test from creating new model reset all parameters to default in all open FitPages 
     241* Fixes #1184: 4.2.0 plugin is does not load earlier project properly 
     243**It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version, but your  
     244attention is drawn to the Changes section above.** 
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