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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
build_tools 565ab1f   4 years wojciechpotrzebowski Updated yml file with sphinx
docs db7d2c7   4 years rozyczko Moved fitting algorithm help images to sasview. Temporarily for …
installers 3244b548   4 years rozyczko Added missing file required in the build process
src b86754f   4 years rozyczko Initial CorFunc? documentation update. Added missing file
test 1cdbcd8   4 years pkienzle move tests to use sasmodels rather than sas.models (tests will still fail)
.gitattributes 219 bytes fd5d8747   5 years ajj attributes update
.gitignore 1.4 KB 846a063   4 years krzywon Include all UI/ files in version tracking.
.project 361 bytes bd849c26   8 years tobias.richter make importing sources into eclipse easier by providing a .project file
.pydevproject 423 bytes 9d93c37   5 years butler added Combind Batch Fitting instructions — need to tie to HELP button …
.travis.yml 1.6 KB bb1cb38   5 years ajj Adding slack notifications 4.5 KB 36ca21e   4 years pkienzle move periodictable version requirement to 1.5.0 10.1 KB 64aa49e   8 years doucetm Update setuptools
INSTALL.txt 1.4 KB 26c9b85   5 years pkienzle DOC: build documentation for command line improved (#45) DOC: put build …
LICENSE.TXT 1.5 KB a3e3ef5   5 years noreply Update date range 154 bytes 05d167e   5 years french Add OSX Build Instructions * Rename to '' 1.0 KB f9ba422   4 years noreply Update 5.2 KB 2e27cdb6   4 years rozyczko Fixed runtime UI conversion 18.5 KB 417c03f   4 years rozyczko Moved RST files around and modified sphinx config to use them. SASVIEW-927
Vagrantfile 1.9 KB 0657b10   5 years ubuntu Updates to Vagrant files for allowing AJJ to test docs build 722 bytes 0657b10   5 years ubuntu Updates to Vagrant files for allowing AJJ to test docs build

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