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added Combind Batch Fitting instructions — need to tie to HELP button
next. Affects ticket #597

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    637637     Example: radius [2 : 5] , radius [10 : 25] 
    641 .. note::  This help document was last changed by Steve King, 10Oct2016 
     641Combined Batch Fit Mode 
     644Batch mode does not allow for multiple models.  In other words in batch mode 
     645all the data sets must be fit with single model and set of parameter.  At times 
     646there may be a shape change occuring in the series that requires changing the 
     647model part way through the series.  In this case set up two batch fit pages 
     648following the instructions in :ref:`Batch Fit Mode`.  However *be careful!* each 
     649time a batch fit panel runs fit it will overwrite the table of values. 
     651However there may be occassion when one wants to run these two (or more) batch 
     652fits and then plot one of the common parameters (e.g. radius of shere and 
     653eventually cylinder).  In this case the Combined Batch Fit can be used. 
     654Similarly to the Simultaneous Fit page a new page will appear.  In this case, 
     655instead of a check box for each fitpage model there will be a check box for each 
     656batchpage.  Clicking the Fit button will run each batch fit *in sequence*.  
     658.. image:: combine_batch_page.png 
     660The batch table will then pop up at the end as before with the following 
     663.. note:: 
     664   The order matters.  The parameters in the table will be taken from the model 
     665   used in the first batch page of the list.  Any parameters from the 
     666   second and on batch pages that have the same name as a parameter in the first 
     667   will show up allowing for plotting of that parameter across the models. 
     668.. note:: 
     669   a corralary of the above is that currently models created as a sum|multiply 
     670   model will not work as desired because the generated model parameters have a 
     671   p#_ appended to the beginning and thus radius and p1_radius will not be 
     672   recognized as the same parameter. 
     674.. image:: combine_batch_grid.png 
     676In this case the series is a time series.  Unfortunately the time is not listed 
     677in the file but the file name contains the information.  A column can be added 
     678manually, in this case called time.  Clicking on the top of a column will select 
     679it. Clicking next on the Add button next to the x or y row will add the cell 
     680information to use in a plot.  The axis labels will be automatically populated 
     681from the top row information.  Units can be specified as well using text and a 
     682subset of in line Latex.  Once this is set up, in this case using the peak 
     683position from the two different models for the y axis and time on the x axis, 
     684one clicks the Plot button.   
     686.. image:: combine_batch_plot.png 
     688Note the discontinuity in the peak position.  This 
     689is due to the fact that the Guassian fit is actually pretty bad and is not 
     690actually finding the peak. 
     694.. note::  This help document was last changed by Paul Butler, 06April2017 
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