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     1= Setting up a Windows IDE in Eclipse = 
     3(with thanks to Pete Jemian, APS) 
     5- This section is optional, if you want to use an IDE like [ Eclipse] and not a text editor like [ Vim] then carry on reading. 
     7- Read the instruction on how I did it below or follow this simple [ guide] by Pete Jemian. 
     9- This section will explain how to set up !SasView in Eclipse because it's the most commonly used open-source IDE. Get a copy and install it on your computer. [] 
     11- Now you will need to download the !PyDev plugin for Eclipse in order to get the python to work. [] 
     13- Once these are installed load up Eclipse. It will ask for a workspace directory to store the project files in, you can choose anywhere. 
     15- Make sure that you are in !PyDev mode. You can see this in the top right corner of Eclipse. 
     17- Setup a new project. ''File ‣ New ‣ !PyDev Project''. Name it something sensible like SasView Project. Leave all options as default but make sure the option "Create 'src' folder and add it to the PYTHONPATH" is selected. 
     19- Then, you have to go to ''File ‣ Import'', and choose the File System option: 
     23- Select the directory where your files are located and the input Folder, and click finish. 
     25- Add the directory where the external packages are stored to the !PyDev settings. ''Window ‣ Preferences ‣ !PyDev ‣ Interpreter-Python ‣ Libraries ‣ New Folder''. 
     27- If you still have errors with wxPython then remove your interpreter and add it again. After a restart of Eclipse the errors should have disappeared. 
     29- Finally right click on the project, properties and then change the !PyDev PYTHONPATH so that it contains the build directory. This is needed for debugging purposes. 
     31- Open and hit the run button. 
     33[[Image(, 800px)]]