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The workshop will be held on Oct 12 at 2:15pm.

Worskhop agenda:

  • Welcome and intro (goals and outline) 10min
    • What is SasView
    • What is SasView structure: sasview, sasmodels, bumps
    • Demo of existing functionality 1h
    • Going through menu items
    • Loading different data types (1D/2D) data
    • Fitting 1D and 2D models
    • Simultaneous and batch fitting
    • Pr inversion, Invariant perspective
    • Correlation functions
    • Calculators
  • Break 15min
  • How to write and distribute user models 45min
    • Writing models using plugin editor
    • Category manager
    • Python and C models
    • Distributing models on SasView marketplace
  • Break 15min
  • SasView CLI 25min
    • SasCalc example – e.g. P(r) inversion
    • Calculating form factor from sasmodels
    • 1D fitting using sasmodels and bumps
    • 2D fitting
    • Batch fitting
  • Documentation, Tutorials and Bug reporting 10min
  • How to become a SasView Developer 5min
  • User feedback 5min