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There are two types of Help currently: Documentation and Tutorial.

==General Thoughts==

  • Both should be available off line, online, and as part of the GUI application
  • Above means that sphinx should build a PDF as well HTML output
  • Re-order Menu list to move Analysis next to the perspective menu item it has chosen (currently only Fitting has a separate menu)
  • Rename Tool to Tools

ISSUE: how do we deal with changing screen shoots?


  • Should redo completely around example data in SasView
  • Tutorials for each topic that can then be bundled together if desired
    • Fitting
      • 1D
      • 2D
      • constrained
      • simultaneous
      • Batch
    • Pr
    • Invariant


  • General help documentation
    • Remove all reference to term perspective which confuses users — replace with "Analysis" or other appropriate wording.
    • Add a help topic on menu items (go through menu list)
    • restructure tree to
      • collapse tool help under a top level Tools entry
      • collapse Fitting, Pr an invariant into an Analysis heading
      • All of it should then be reviewed to verify for readability and that it matches the actual functionality (does pressing the button do what it says)
  • Model help documentation *review for all models for
    • Clarity
    • That units on parameters are correct and properly formatted
    • That Equation matches what the code does
    • Completeness - elements of documentation are:
      • title
      • tool tip
      • Parameter table
      • Paragraph describing what the function does
      • equation used
      • Fig obtained when model is run with default parameters as listed in table above
      • Reference
        • Added by: name, ON: date
        • checked by: name, ON: date
        • Can us name such as "DANSE" if old models with no name of who added, or source if imported from other package, etc.