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Add a model here when you are working on it. Mark it as converted when it is tested and pushed.

We are not dealing with magnetism at this point as it requires some work on the wrapper functionality. Thus the *Magnetic* column below is for reference as to which models need attention. The *SESANS* column should be used to indicate if the model is a priority (1 highest, 4 lowest).

SasView Name sasmodels Name P(Q) S(Q) Multiply Mutliplicity Magnetic SESANS Assigned Converted
CylinderModelcylinderYNYNN - but doc says so1HPY
ParallelepipedModelparallelepipedYNYNN - but doc says so2MAGY
LamellarFFHGModellamellarFFHGYNNNN3RKHY needs utest
LamellarPCrystallModellamellarPCYNNNN3RKHY needs utest
LamellarPSModellamellarCailleYNNNN3RKHY needs utest
LamellarPSHGModellamellarCailleHGYNNNN3RKHY needs utest
HardsphereStructurehardsphereNYNNN1RKHY needs utest
StickyHSStructurestickyhardsphereNYNNN1RKHY needs utest
FuzzySphereModel 2TRN N
RaspBerryModel 2AJJ
CoreShellModel doc says so2MDN
CoreMultiShellModel doc says so3
!Core2ndMomentModel 3SMKN
MultiShellModel 3
OnionExpShellModel 3
VesicleModel 2PDBN
!SphericalSLDModel 3
LinearPearlsModel 3
PearlNecklaceModel 3JRKN
HollowCylinderModel 2JRKN
EllipticalCylinderModel 3MDN
FlexibleCylinderModel 2 N
!FlexCylEllipXModel 3
CoreShellBicelleModel 2
StackedDisksModel 2TRNN
PringleModel 3 AJJ
CoreShellEllipsoidModel 3
!CoreShellEllipsoidXTModel 3
!SCCrystalModel 3
!CSParallelepipedModel 3MAGN
RectangularPrismModel 2MAGN
RectangularHollowPrismModel 3MAGN
RectangularHollowPrismInfThinWallsModel 3MAGN
!Debye 1SMKN
CorrLength 3
!Lorentz 1JRKN
!DABModel dab Y N N N N 1DM Y
!AbsolutePower_Law 3SMKN
TeubnerStrey 1PAKY
FractalModel 1PDB
MassFractalModel 1
SurfaceFractalModel 1
MassSurfaceFractal 1
FractalCoreShell 3
GaussLorentzGel 2
!BEPolyelectrolyte 3
!Guinier 2JRKN
GuinierPorod 2MDN
PorodModel 3MDN
PeakGaussModel 4AJJ N
PeakLorentzModel 4AJJ N
!Poly_GaussCoil 2SMKN
PolyExclVolume 3
!RPA10Model 3
TwoLorentzian 4
TwoPowerLaw 4
UnifiedPowerRg 4
LineModel 4
GelFitModel 1
StarPolymer 2
ReflectivityModel 4
!ReflectivityIIModel 4
SquareWellStructure 1PDB
!testmodel 3
!testmodel_2 3
!sum_p1_p2 3
!sum_Ap1_1_Ap2 3
!polynomial5 3
!sph_bessel_jn 3

List of standard parameters (name = meaning):

  • radius = radius
  • sld = scattering length density of particle
  • solvent_sld = scattering length density of matrix
  • cor_length = correlation length
  • exp = exponent (example: porod_exp)
  • peak_pos = q_peak or q0 etc