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Build Instructions for Linux (Ubuntu)

The following instructions concern Ubuntu 14.04 but should provide sufficient guidelines for any linux distribution. Some packages were installed from Ubuntu repository with apt-get, while others required pip.

Download source code for SasView

  • The easy way to download SasView code is by simply cloning a git repository
    git clone

This will create a sasview folder in your current directory

Install dependencies using apt-get

  • Scientific python packages (numpy, scipy) together with matplotlib, pylint and wxgtk2.8 can be installed by running
    sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-matplotlib pylint python-wxgtk2.8

Install pip

  • The remaining dependencies can be installed using pip, which one could get and install by running the following:
    sudo python

Install dependencies using pip

  • Once pip is installed one can install the remaining dependencies
    sudo pip install unittest-xml-reporting
    sudo pip install bumps
    sudo pip install periodictable
    sudo pip install sphinx

Compile SasView

  • Then one can navigate to a SasView source directory (most likely cd sasview) and the simply run
    python build      # will build the package underneath 'build/'
    python install    # will install the package

sudo commnand might be required for a global installation