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Lab 1 Report

The lab report consists of writing up some of the results you have obtained from the practical work and should follow a similar form to an experimental lab report.

Start with a brief introduction describing the aim of the lab work, then for each of the tasks with questions, write a brief description of the task, followed by answers to the questions in that task. In the case of questions that ask you to vary a parameter and comment on the changes you should formulate your answer with two or three plots as appropriate and wording something like the following:

The radius of the sphere was varied, using values of 20, 30, 40, 50 A. 
The figure above shows the results for 20 and 50 A. Looking at the scattering curves, I observe that ...

You should write up the following tasks from Lab 1A and Lab 1B

Scattering Models

Include your plot results from tasks 5 and 7 and answer the questions there.

Polydispersity and Resolution

Include your plot results from tasks 8 and 9. Answer the questions there and compare the effects of polydispersity and resolution on the data.

SLD Calculation

Calculate SLD by hand and using one other method from the list in task 12. Show your working for the hand calculation.

Data Processing

Include your plot from task 14 and answer the questions there.

Data Analysis

Include your plot from task 17. Answer the questions in tasks 18, 20 & 21.

In writing up this section, you should describe your approach to fitting - which parameters you allowed to be free and which were fixed, which models you chose and why - and include a table of results and also plots of the fits.