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DANSE Sever Upgrade Plan

Phase I


  • Copy all of danse2 backup disk to danse1 4T disk
  • Image danse1 4T disk onto second 4T disk
  • Remove two main drives from danse 2 but keep for a while in case of problems
  • Insert new 250GB WD BLue SSD 3D NAND SATA SD as boot drive into danse2 and transfer imaged 4T drive from danse1 (matched serial number with github notes) to danse 2 as sdb
  • Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, released on April 26, 2018 with end of life April 2023, on sda of danse2
    • Used minimal install option (no games etc?)
    • installed ssh server
    • used apt-get update and upgrade … also ran upgrade from GUI when asked
    • set ssh config file to not allow root login
    • Installed ufw firewall and enabled only ssh. Not sure we want to keep that?


  • Verify contents of 3rd disk on danse2 (sdc)
  • Once copied what is needed from sdc of danse2 remove that drive
  • Migrate all services one by one from danse1 to danse2

Phase II - tentative

  • Shut down danse1
  • Transfer danse2 drives to danse1
  • Optional:
    • Upgrade memory on danse1
    • Replace 4T disk with new one during transfer to danse1

Phase III - backup plan

  • Crashplan with Andrew is only stopgap need a versioned backup to guard against corruption of data/hacking/ransomware etc.

Phase IV - tentative

  • Install mirrors
    • Potential locations/funding - estimate <$3000 each
      • UMD or UD (NIST)
      • Bristol/Diamond?