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Beta Approximation Work Package

Incorporation of the 'Beta Approximation' or 'Beta Correction' for S(Q) has long been identified as an important, yet often ignored, correction in model fitting. However, implementing it in SasView is non-trivial.

As of Summer 2018 we are starting to lay the groundwork, with the help of two vacation students, one in the US and one in the UK.

They will approach the implementation from both the bottom-up (changing the code kernel to compute amplitudes instead of intensities, etc) and the top-down (the UI, model parameterisation, choice of effective radius, etc).

As part of the implementation process, computations from SasView are also being validated against those from SASfit, FISH and Matlab.


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Guiding References

  • Kotlarchyk & Chen…


  • Paul Kienzle & Greg Suczewski (student)
  • Richard Heenan & Torin Cooper-Bennun (student)
  • Yun Liu
  • Paul Butler
  • Wojtek Potrzebowski
  • William Heller
  • Steve King