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Updates on latest admin activity

To Do

  • upgrade servers to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Admin Activity


  • Ongoing problem with windows builds via jenkins getting stuck on "archiving artifacts"
    • tried to update slave-agent.jnlp and that didn't work
    • renamed C:\Jenkins to C:\jenkins-old
    • deleted slave from jenkins master
    • re-installed java on slave
    • recreated slave with new name on master
    • re-installed slave-agent.jnlp
    • re-connected build jobs to new slave
    • ran builds with success.
    • Hope that updating to latest slave agent will fix problem with stuck windows builds. Needs monitoring
  • Note that danse.chem seems to have a clock that is running fast and ntpd is not updating it. Needs looking at see ticket #274


  • Updated danse and danse2 (apt-get update/upgrade)


  • Problem with ssh to danse machines after reboot following updates.
    • For danse.chem seems to have been a problem with fstab (AJJ fat fingers most likely cause) which prevented the reboot after updates.
    • Unable to ssh to danse2.chem even before update
    • Bill Gurley rebooted machines on 2014-09-29 and solved problem.


  • Installed bumps on danse and danse2 to fix Ubuntu builds
  • Could not install on WinXP vm due to compiler issues.


  • Problems with the windows build not running from jenkins
    • corrected time on danse.chem and this seems to have fixed the failure of the build to start.
    • The time servers used on ubuntu 10 (danse.chem) seem to no longer exist. Updated ntp.conf to use the same as ubuntu 12 (danse2.chem)
    • Build now working again
  • updated danse2.chem (apt-get update/upgrade)
  • updated danse.chem (apt-get update/upgrade)