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Build Servers

Builds of SasView?, both release and trunk, are automated using Jenkins on a number of servers:



  • UTK hosted - talk to Andrew/Mathieu/Tobias/Peter?. You can have a Jenkins account if you need one for setting up jobs, configuring the builds etc.
  • SNS hosted - talk to Mathieu
  • ISIS hosted - talk to Peter

Windows Builds

The windows builds are done on a virtualbox VM running on

To access this you must have an account on (talk to Andrew). You can then connect to the VM as follows:

Set up an ssh tunnel to the server. The command line approach is

$ ssh -f

where XXXX is the local port you wish to use (e.g. 3389) and username is your username.

Then connect your RDP client (Remote Desktop) to localhost on the port you chose (e.g. 3389).

Future Plans

Move all builds to servers at ESS data centre in Denmark.