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    64 * Scripting language for fit constraints 
    65 * Checkpoints for fitting results 
    66 * Subtraction of the parameter as Sylvian suggested 
    67 * Generic scattering calculation - where sld comes from? 
    68 * Allow step files (cad format) in image viewer 
    69 * Chain fitting returns file in wrong order 
    70 * Generate PDF file from sasmodels docs 
    71 * Return contrast as complex number? 
    72 * q vector out of detector plane (out of Ewald sphere) - is this treated correctly 
    73 * Perform operations q values before computing Iq 
    74 * Simulation code to be removed  
    75 * Supply ascii file for sasmodels plot together with png file 
     64* Scripting language for fit constraints '''- SUPPORTED (MOSTLY .. still a bit of WIP) using python''' 
     65* Checkpoints for fitting results '''- TICKET EXISTS - should it be a higher priority? Who can do it?''' 
     66* Subtraction of the parameter as Sylvian suggested '''- NOT CURRENTLY CONSIDERED EXACTLY (full decomposition is being considered currently)''' 
     67* Generic scattering calculation - where does sld come from? Does it include all Hs? Does it account for exchange of H? '''- CURRENTLY JUST AS IS PDB''' 
     68* Allow step files (cad format) as input to Generic scattering calculation '''- NOT CURRENTLY CONSIDERED, but would be a very good idea if we put effort on G. scatterring.''' 
     69* Chain fitting does not all sorting the order of the files making it not very useful '''- BUG''' 
     70* Generate PDF file from sasmodels docs '''- WIP''' 
     71* For some applications one needs to use the complex contrast '''- NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED - in discussion''' 
     72* q vector out of detector plane (out of Ewald sphere): is this treated correctly? '''- NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED''' 
     73* Perform all operations where the value is independent of the q values before going into the loop computing Iqs - '''A LOT IS DONE -- more could be''' 
     74* Simulation code to be removed '''- TO BE DONE .. not top priority''' 
     75* Supply ascii file of test date used in the sasmodel documentation png file as part of model documentation.  '''- SHOULD BE LOW HANGING FRUIT?'''