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Code Camp V Planning


The fifth SasView Code Camp will be held at the Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge, Tennessee from 4th to 11th October, 2016

The meeting will start on the morning of Tuesday October 4th and run through the end of the day on October 11th.

Travel and Accommodation

  • The distance from Oak Ridge to the lab is about 20 min drive. It is recommended that a number of participants have rental cars during the code camp.

Hotel Suggestion

Getting to the Hotel and the SNS

Contact Information

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37831

Mathieu Doucet

Phone: +1 865 574-6494

Admin contact: Melissa Richards

Phone: +1 865 241-5176

Participants (tentative)

Andrew Jackson ESS 22:13 Oct 2 on UA4361 06:00 Oct 12 on UA4317 Doubletree Plan to rent
Paul Butler NIST Oct 2 late Oct 12 Doubletree Plan to rent
Steve King STFC 19:27 Oct 2 via CLT 17:44 Oct 11 via CLT Doubletree Plan to rent
Richard Heenan STFC 19:27 Oct 2 via CLT 17:44 Oct 11 via CLT Doubletree share Steve's
Wim Bouwman Delft
Mathieu Doucet ORNL
Wojciech Potrzebowski ESS Oct 3 (late) Oct 11 (afternoon/evening) Doubletree Not renting
Ricardo Ferraz Leal ORNL
Piotr Rozyczko ESS Oct 3 Oct 12 Doubletree Renting
Jeff Krzywon NIST Oct 3 Oct 11 Doubletree