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    1111* Use ESS-DMSC suggestion [ Hotel_Kong_Arthur] 
    1212* Or any other by your own choice 
     15=== Getting to Hotel Kong Arthur === 
     17* When you arrive at Copenhagen Airport, we advise that you do the following: 
     18* When you enter the arrival hall, you walk straight forward until you see the DSB ticket office on your right hand side. At the DSB ticket office, we recommend that you buy a 30 day flex card (450 DKK). With this card, you will be able to travel freely for 30 days in zones 1 and 2 (central Copenhagen). As the airport is located in zone 4, you will also have to buy a single trip ticket for 2 zones (24 DKK) 
     19* If you are arriving in Copenhagen on 14 February or later, you should only buy a 7 day flex card (250 DKK). You will still need to buy a single trip ticket for 2 zones to get to central Copenhagen 
     20* When you have your tickets, you can get on a metro train to Nørreport station. To get to the metro, you take the escalators located right next to the DSB ticket office. All metro trains go to Nørreport station so you simply get on the first metro train that arrives.   
    1423=== Getting to ESS DMSC ===