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    initial v2  
    1 Include SESANS fully in all parts of the GUI with plotting and fitting 
     1In order to include SESANS fully in all parts of the GUI with plotting and fitting need to agree on the design - first visually then code/module wise.  example issue to look into: 
     21. How to integrate w/ SANS fitting in GUI 
     32. How to identify if data is SESANS (in correlation space) or SANS (reciprocal space) ... and how to make clear graphically 
     43. If correlation space models are available how to choose what models to present to user seemlessly -- note that for full power scripting would always be the way to go but for GUI want to make transparent and easy for the user 
     54. What modules will need to be refactored and what new modules created in order to support above? 
     65. Should we start by making an independent SESANS perspective in order to explore the possibilities first without breaking trunk? 
     8Once this is done tickets for the actual work will need to be generated