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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#639 Math not rendered without network connection (Windows) assigned defect critical SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#768 ensure everything useful is backed up assigned task critical Admin Tasks SasView
#346 SESANS into GUI Design assigned enhancement major SasView Next Release +1 SasView
#799 Warn users if they are asking DREAM for too many samples assigned enhancement major SasView 5.0.0 SasView
#845 Fix volume normalisation on Raspberry model accepted defect major SasView 4.3.0 sasmodels
#1071 Remove SasView from SourceForge entirely new task major Admin Tasks SasView
#23 Provide ability to submit bug report directly from SasView accepted enhancement minor SasView Next Release +1 SasView
#303 Integrate user and developer websites accepted enhancement minor Admin Tasks SasView
#908 Scripts for release new enhancement minor SasView Next Release +1 SasView
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