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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#17 Ability to plot the distribution functions from polydispersity enhancement major SasView fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#26 Fit curve should extend beyond region of fit to cover full plot q range enhancement minor SasView
#28 Need a simplified interface to simultaneous fitting for "combining" data enhancement minor SasView
#29 Need a simplified interface for constraining fit on one data set enhancement minor SasView
#35 Provide tool for determine contrast match point enhancement minor SasView
#41 Reports for Batch should provide more options enhancement major SasView
#190 Add errors to G_r and I(0) when computing P(r) enhancement major SasView
#231 Option to send data to fit panel cloned from existing one defect minor SasView
#248 Need to allow scaling of qx and qy independently on 2D plot enhancement minor SasView
#366 Allow for re-parameterisation of models enhancement trivial SasView
#391 Optimizer engine options tied to Fitting panel defect major SasView
#437 add correlation coefficient to the correlation plot enhancement minor SasView
#451 Add DREAM results to Reports enhancement major SasView
#454 Improve file output of the model datapoints following a Batch Fit enhancement major SasView
#462 Generic Scattering Calculator Enhancements: make a theory curve enhancement major SasView
#473 Multiplicity models do not appear in drop-down in Custom Model > Sum|Multi defect major SasView
#571 better support for custom model editing enhancement major SasView
#608 user defined distribution functions enhancement major SasView
#745 Consider saving the results of every fit in a session enhancement major SasView
#895 user defined fit parameters for constrained fitting defect major SasView
#1172 Allow "polydispersity" to be defined by series/sets of uncorrelated, discrete points enhancement major sasmodels
#1178 show sld profile plot ought to go down to R=0 enhancement trivial SansView
#1185 change data in a FitPage richardh enhancement major SasView
#1203 OpenCL deprecated on Mac task major sasmodels
#1241 Support fits to models with data operations enhancement major SasView
#1268 abstract optimizer handling ibressler enhancement major SasView
#1269 build fitting options from optimizer defaults automatically ibressler enhancement major SasView
#1270 Add McSAS as optimizer ibressler enhancement major SasView
#1271 Use resolution calculator to define dqx/dqy for fit page enhancement major SasView
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