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Batch slicer documentation - 1139

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  • src/sas/sasgui/guiframe/local_perspectives/plotting/

    ra26f67f ra20a255  
    251251            self.bck.Add(self.batch_slicer_button, (iy, ix), (1, 1), 
    252252                         wx.LEFT | wx.EXPAND | wx.ADJUST_MINSIZE, 15) 
     253            # Help button 
     255            self.bt_help = wx.Button(self, wx.NewId(), "HELP") 
     256            self.bt_help.SetToolTipString( 
     257                "Help for the slicer parameters and batch slicing.") 
     258            self.bck.Add(self.bt_help, (iy, 1), (1, 1), 
     259                         wx.ALIGN_RIGHT | wx.ADJUST_MINSIZE, 15) 
     260            wx.EVT_BUTTON(self, self.bt_help.GetId(), self.on_help) 
    253262            iy += 1 
    254263            self.bck.Add((5, 5), (iy, ix), (1, 1), 
    255264                         wx.LEFT | wx.EXPAND | wx.ADJUST_MINSIZE, 5) 
    256266        self.bck.Layout() 
    257267        self.bck.Fit(self) 
    535545            self.default_value += "_{0}".format(key).split(" [")[0] 
    536546            self.default_value += "-{:.2f}".format(params[key]) 
     548    def on_help(self, event=None): 
     549        """ 
     550        Opens a help window for the slicer parameters/batch slicing window 
     551        :param event: 
     552        :return: 
     553        """ 
     554        from sas.sasgui.guiframe.documentation_window import DocumentationWindow 
     556        _TreeLocation = "user/sasgui/guiframe/graph_help.html" 
     557        _doc_viewer = DocumentationWindow(self, wx.ID_ANY, _TreeLocation, 
     558                                          "#d-data-averaging", 
     559                                          "Data Explorer Help") 
  • src/sas/sasgui/guiframe/media/graph_help.rst

    r5ed76f8 rde68f78  
     268.. _d_data_averaging: 
    2692702D data averaging 
    301302Alternatively, once a 'slicer' is active you can also select the region to 
    302303average by bringing back the *Dataset Menu* and selecting *Edit Slicer 
    303 Parameters*. A dialog window will appear in which you can enter values to 
    304 define a region or select the number of points to plot (*nbins*). 
     304Parameters and Batch Fitting*. A dialog window will appear in which you can 
     305enter values to define a region, select the number of points to plot (*nbins*), 
     306or apply the slicer to any or all other 2D data plots. 
    306308A separate plot window will also have appeared, displaying the requested 
    316318To remove a 'slicer', bring back the *Dataset menu* and select *Clear Slicer*. 
     320Batch Slicing 
     323A slicer can be applied to any or all existing 2D data plots using the 'Slicer 
     324Parameters' window. To open the window, select *Edit Slicer Parameters and Batch 
     325Fitting* in the *Dataset Menu* (see Invoking_the_dataset_menu_). Batch slicing 
     326options are available at the bottom of the window. 
     328Select the 2D plots you want to apply the slicer to. All 2D plots are selected 
     329by default. The resulting 1D data for all slicers can be saved as a text file 
     330and then sent to fitting by selecting the *Auto save generated 1D* check box. 
     331Sending data to the fitting perspective requires the data be saved. 
     333Once the auto save check box is selected, you can select where the files are 
     334saved. The file name for the saved data is the slicer name plus the file name 
     335of the original data set, plus what is in the *Append to file name* field. The 
     336default value in the append to field includes the names and values for all of 
     337the slicer parameters. 
     339The batch of slices can be sent to fitting if desired, with three options 
     340available. The first is to not fit the data, the second is to send the 
     341slices to individual fit pages, and the third is to send all sliced data to a 
     342single batch fit window. 
     344Clicking *Apply Slicer to Selected Plots* will create a slicer for each selected 
     345plot with the parameters entered in the 'Slicer Parameters' window. Depending on 
     346the options selected the data may then be saved, loaded as separate data sets in 
     347the data manager panel, and finally sent to fitting. 
    318349Unmasked circular average 
  • src/sas/sascalc/dataloader/readers/

    re3775c6 rbd5c3b1  
    172172                try: 
    173                     _x = float(toks[0]) 
     173                    _x = float(toks[4]) 
    174174                    _y = float(toks[1]) 
    175175                    _dy = float(toks[2]) 
  • test/sasdataloader/test/

    rfa749b7 rbd5c3b1  
    5454        self.assertEqual(, 'cm^{-1}') 
    55         self.assertEqual([0], 0.002618) 
    56         self.assertEqual([1], 0.007854) 
    57         self.assertEqual([2], 0.01309) 
     55        self.assertEqual([0], 0.008082) 
     56        self.assertEqual([1], 0.0275) 
     57        self.assertEqual([2], 0.02762) 
    5858        self.assertEqual([126], 0.5828) 
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