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  • docs/sphinx-docs/source/user/RELEASE.rst

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    759759Known Issues 
    761 4.2.0 - All systems 
    762 ------------------- 
    763 There are currently no major known issues. A full list of known bugs and 
    764 feature requests by release version that users may wish to be aware of 
    765 can be viewed at 
     762A full list of known bugs and feature requests by release version that  
     763users may wish to be aware of can be viewed at 
    767765.. note:: Any corrections to models that may become known/available will be 
    768766          posted to Marketplace as available (and fixed in the following  
    769767          release) 
     7694.2.0 - All systems 
     771The refactoring of the plugin model architecture means that some issues  
     772may be encountered if Save Project/Analysis files using plugin models  
     773created in earlier versions of SasView are loaded in version 4.2.0. 
     775For example: 
     777* on loading an old project file an error window appears with the error  
     778  *This model state has missing or outdated information* or *dictionary changed size during iteration*. 
     780   * if this occurs, try restarting SasView and reloading the project. 
     782* on loading an old project file all the FitPages and Graphs appear, but  
     783  only the SasView default model parameters appear in the FitPages. 
     785  * this has happened because plugin model parameter names have changed.  
     786    There are two possible workarounds: 
     788   * Install the version of SasView that the project was created in,  
     789     recreate the plugin in that version, then run 4.2.0 and re-load  
     790     the project. All being well, 4.2.0 will still compile the old  
     791     plugin. 
     793   * If 4.2.0 cannot compile the old plugin, the more tedious solution  
     794     is to use a text editor to do global search & replace operations  
     795     to change all the parameter names in the project file by hand. The  
     796     quickest way to see the *existing* parameter names is simply to  
     797     scroll to the bottom of the project file. To see what the *new*  
     798     parameter names should be, simply create the equivalent plugin in  
     799     SasView 4.2.0. In most instances, what was *p1_parameter* will  
     800     become *A_parameter*, *p2_parameter* will become *B_parameter*,  
     801     and so on.  
    7718034.1.x- All systems 
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