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copy King's updates to README-next-release to README.txt

README.txt are the release notes. We should probably get rid of the
README-next-release. Once a release is made we can start adding notes
to README.txt for the next release I would think?

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  • installers/README.txt

    r7aab144 r16030b1  
    99      some significant changes from previous versions. Further, as promised, it 
    1010      marks the end of support for 32 bit operating systems and is only 
    11       available for 64bit operating systems. With this version the change to the 
    12       new model API and plugins infrastructure begun with 4.0 is essentially 
    13       complete (though extensions are in the works and more are likely they 
    14       should remain backwardly compatible with previous versions of SasView). 
    15       NOTE: old style plugin models, including old sum|mul mocels will continue 
     11      available for 64 bit operating systems. 
     13      With this version the change to the new model API and plugins infrastructure  
     14      begun with 4.0 is essentially complete (though extensions are in the works  
     15      and more are likely they should remain backwardly compatible with previous  
     16      versions of SasView). 
     18      NOTE: Old-style plugin models, including old sum|multiply models will continue 
    1619      to be supported (i.e. SasView will be able to run them) in 4.x. However, 
    1720      the expectation is that such support will be removed in 5.0 and everyone 
    1821      is strongly encouraged to convert their custom models to the new API. 
    19       Finally, the new orientation angles and orientatinal distribution is now 
    20       also complete. 
     23      Finally, the changes to orientation angles and orientational distribution  
     24      definitions are now also complete. 
    2226      - Changes 
    2731           aligned objects has been completely overhauled. It now differs from 
    2832           previous versions. 
    29          - Plugin models, including sum/multiply models, have completely migrated 
     33         - Plugin models, including sum|multiply models, have completely migrated 
    3034           to the new infrastructure. NOTE that 3.x type models as well as early, 
    3135           intermediate 4.x type models, including those generated by sum|multiply 
    4145           understanding the new orientation framework. 
    4246         - Problems with the computation of magnetic scattering from some 
    43            objects have been rectified. Some questions however remain. 
     47           objects have been rectified. Some questions remain however. 
    4448         - The known issue with the core_shell_parallelepiped model is now fixed. 
    4549         - A number of issues and inconsistencies with the creation of 
    46            sum|product models have been rectified. 
     50           sum|multiply models have been rectified. 
    4751         - A Boltzmann distribution has been added for polydispersity/orientational 
    4852           distributions. 
    5357         - There have been numerous other bug fixes. 
    5458      - Documentation 
    55          Several sections of the help documentation have undergone significant 
     59           Several sections of the help documentation have undergone significant 
    5660           checking and updating, particularly those relating to orientation, 
    5761           magnetic scattering, and polydispersity distributions. Detailed 
    5862           advanced instructions for plugin writing and some scripting 
    5963           instructions have been added. 
     64           Two new tutorials have been added. 
    6065      - Other work 
    6166         - A Third-Party initiative has recently succeeded in getting SasView to 
    7580         Fixes # 467: Extend batch functionality to slicer 
    7681         Fixes # 489: ABS reader (NIST 1D) does not handle negative dx properly 
    77            (USANS slit smearing) 
     82                      (USANS slit smearing) 
    7883         Fixes # 499: create sin(x)/x, 2*J1(x)/x and 3*j1(x)/x functions 
    7984         Fixes # 510: Build PDF documentation along with HTML 
    9196         Fixes # 784: Add 3D integral to Correlation Function analysis 
    9297         Fixes # 786: core_shell_parallelepiped 1-D model is incorrect 
    93          Fixes # 818: “report button” followed by “save” makes an empty pdf file 
     98         Fixes # 818: “report buttonâ€ᅵ followed by “saveâ€ᅵ makes an empty pdf file 
    9499         Fixes # 838: Fix model download from marketplace 
    95100         Fixes # 848: can't save analysis when only one fit page 
    100105         Fixes # 861: cannot defined a structure factor plugin 
    101106         Fixes # 864: New Model Editor (simple plugin editor) error parsing 
    102            parameter line 
     107                      parameter line 
    103108         Fixes # 865: Plugin live discovery issues 
    104109         Fixes # 866: inform user when NaN is returned from compute 
    107112         Fixes # 876: Add check for HDF5 format in dataloader 
    108113         Fixes # 887: reorganize tree, separating the installed source from the 
    109            build source 
     114                      build source 
    110115         Fixes # 889: Refactor dataloader error handling infrastructure 
    111116         Fixes # 890: use new orientation definition for asymmetric shapes 
    126131         Fixes # 930: fitting help says chisq is normalized to number of points 
    127132         Fixes # 931: Allow admins to edit all models and upload data etc on 
    128            marketplace 
     133                      marketplace 
    129134         Fixes # 932: Need to fix upload of data files to marketplace 
    130135         Fixes # 934: Slurp tutorial repo for tutorials 
    133138         Fixes # 950: Most of the readers don't close files properly. 
    134139         Fixes # 954: cross check dll/opencl/python polydispersity and 
    135            orientation results 
     140                      orientation results 
    136141         Fixes # 956: Possible problem with new doc build process 
    137142         Fixes # 961: sasmodels tests should fail if the parameter name does not exist 
    146151         Fixes # 985: Saving Project Fails   
    147152         Fixes # 986: Send to fitting overwrites theory page even if blank  
    148            FitPage has focus 
     153                      FitPage has focus 
    149154         Fixes # 990: giving different results than 
    150155         Fixes # 993: Windows x64 versions not installing to correct folder 
    157162         Fixes #1011: sld_test failing on ubuntu 
    158163         Fixes #1013: FileReaderBaseClass output[] not reset - same file loaded 
    159            multiple times 
     164                      multiple times 
    160165         Fixes #1018: add Boltzmann distribution 
    161166         Fixes #1021: add PDF documentation to website and document in wiki 
    162            release process 
     167                      release process 
    163168         Fixes #1024: Update version numbers in master 
    164169         Fixes #1025: Sum/multiply editor hangs 
    189194         Fixes #1148: Documentation for S(Q) models need updating 
    190195         Fixes #1128: AutoPlot generation for model documentation does not 
    191            include background 
     196                      include background 
    193198      It is recommended that all users upgrade to this version, but your 
    250255        A correlation function may be interpreted in terms of an imaginary rod moving  
    251         through the structure of the material. Γ1D(R) is the probability that a rod of  
     256        through the structure of the material. ÃŜ“1D(R) is the probability that a rod of  
    252257        length R moving through the material has equal electron/neutron scattering  
    253258        length density at either end. Hence a frequently occurring spacing within a  
    644    *** Note 1:  The easiest approach to setting up the propoer environment to 
     649   *** Note 1:  The easiest approach to setting up the proper environment to 
    645650                build from source is to use conda.  Instructions for setting up 
    646651                using conda can be found at:  
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