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refactor interface to sasmodels including the sasmodels api and using its version of pd, resolution and magnetism

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Fitting Documentation


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.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   Fitting Data <fitting_help>
   Assessing Fit Quality <residuals_help>
   Polydispersity Distributions <pd/polydispersity>
   Smearing Functions <resolution>
   Polarisation/Magnetic Scattering <magnetism/magnetism>
   Information on the SasView Optimisers <optimizer>
   Converting SANS to SESANS for Fitting <sesans/sans_to_sesans>
   Fitting SESANS Data <sesans/sesans_fitting>
   Writing a Plugin Model <plugin>
   Computations with a GPU <gpu_setup>
   Scripting interface to sasmodels <scripting>
   References <refs>
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