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Loading Data

The data explorer

Data Explorer is a panel that allows the user more interactions with data. Some functionalities provided by the Data Explorer are also available through the context menu of plot panels or other menus within the application.

Under View in the menu bar, Data Explorer can be toggled between Show and Hide by clicking Show/Hide Data Explorer.

NOTE! When Data Explorer is hidden, all data loaded will be sent directly to the current active analysis, if possible. When Data Explorer is shown, data go first to the Data Explorer.

Loading data

To load data, do one of the following:

Select File -> Load Data File(s), and navigate to your data;

Select File -> Load Data Folder, which will attempt to load all the data in the specified folder;

Or, in the Data Explorer click the button Load Data, then select one or more (by holding down the Ctrl key) files to load into SasView.

The name of each loaded file will be listed in the Data Explorer. Clicking the + symbol alongside will display any available metadata read from the file.

The handy menu

Right-clicking on a loaded dataset (or model calculation, what SasView calls a 'theory') brings up a Handy Menu from which it is possible to access Data Info, Save the data/theory, or Plot the data/theory.


Activating data

To interact with data it must be activated. This is accomplished by checking the box next to the file name in the Data Explorer. A green tick will appear.

Unchecking/unticking a box deactivates that data set.

There is also a combo box labeled Selection Options from which you can activate or deactivate multiple data sets in one go.

Removing data

WARNING! Remove Data will stop any data operations currently using the selected data sets.

Remove Data removes all references to selected data from SasView.

Creating a new plot

Click on the New Plot button to create a new plot panel where the currently selected data will be plotted.

Appending plots to a graph

This operation can currently only be performed on 1D data and plot panels containing 1D data.

Click on the button Append Plot To to add selected data to a plot panel. Next to the button is a combo box containing the names of available plot panels. Selecting a name from this combo box will move that plot into focus.

If a plot panel is not available, the combo box and button will be disabled.

2D Data cannot be appended to any plot panels.

Freezing the theory

The Freeze Theory button generates data from the selected theory.

NOTE! This operation can only be performed when theory labels are selected in the Data panel.

Sending data to applications

Click on the Send To button to send the currently selected data to one of the available types of analysis (Fitting, P(r) Inversion, or Invariant calculation).

The Single/Batch mode radio buttons only apply to Fitting.

Batch mode provides serial (batch) fitting with one model function, that is, fitting one data set followed by another. If several data sets need to be fitted at the same time, use Simultaneous fitting under the Fitting option on the menu bar.


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