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1python -m UnitTesting.TestUtilsTest
2python -m UnitTesting.WelcomePanelTest
3python -m UnitTesting.DataExplorerTest
4python -m UnitTesting.GuiManagerTest
5python -m UnitTesting.MainWindowTest
6python -m UnitTesting.GuiUtilsTest
7python -m UnitTesting.AboutBoxTest
8python -m UnitTesting.DroppableDataLoadWidgetTest
9python -m UnitTesting.PlotHelperTest
10python -m UnitTesting.SasviewLoggerTest
11python -m UnitTesting.PlotterBaseTest
12python -m UnitTesting.PlotterTest
13python -m UnitTesting.Plotter2DTest
14python -m UnitTesting.ScalePropertiesTest
15python -m UnitTesting.KiessigCalculatorTest
16python -m UnitTesting.DensityCalculatorTest
17python -m UnitTesting.WindowTitleTest
18python -m UnitTesting.AddTextTest
19python -m UnitTesting.SetGraphRangeTest
20python -m UnitTesting.LinearFitTest
21python -m UnitTesting.PlotPropertiesTest
22python -m UnitTesting.PlotUtilitiesTest
23python -m UnitTesting.ColorMapTest
24python -m UnitTesting.BoxSumTest
25python -m UnitTesting.SlicerModelTest
26python -m UnitTesting.SlicerParametersTest
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