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1This software was originally developed by the University of Tennessee
2as part of the Distributed Data Analysis of Neutron Scattering
3Experiments (DANSE) project funded by the US National Science Foundation
4and is currently being developed as an open source project hosted at SourceForge
5and managed by a consortium of scattering facilities.  Participating facilities
6include: The European Spallation Source, ISIS, The Institut Laue Langevin,
7The National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research
8and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Neutron Sciences Directorate.
10If you use DANSE applications to do scientific research that leads to publication,
11we ask that you acknowledge the use of the software with the following sentence:
13"This work benefited from the use of the SasView application, originally developed under NSF award DMR-0520547."
15See the DANSE project web site for license information:
18copyright 2009-2011, University of Tennessee
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