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.travis f246d6b   3 years lewis Try re-encrypting travis_rsa
doc b955dd5   2 years pkienzle fix sphinx errors
example 2c4a190   2 years pkienzle simplify use of multiple scattering in bumps fits
explore a34b811   2 years pkienzle use radius_effective/radius_effective_mode/radius_effective_modes …
extra df20715   2 years noreply Allow for style we won't change
sasmodels b955dd5   2 years pkienzle fix sphinx errors
.gitattributes 85 bytes 41709dc   4 years ajj attributes update
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.travis.yml 1.7 KB f3767c2   2 years pkienzle travis is failing: try bumping version to 3.7
appveyor.yml 3.8 KB 335271e   3 years pkienzle remove restriction on pytest<4
compare.bat 382 bytes 5753e4e   5 years pkienzle support compare/multi_compare on windows 382 bytes a0632d9   5 years wojciech Used output for pyopencl but commented it back 4.6 KB f6fd413   3 years pkienzle pytest: is_generator is not part of public api, so reimplement it in … 231 bytes 88096f5   3 years pkienzle back out attempted marketplace update fix
LICENSE.txt 1.5 KB 5f8b72b   3 years pkienzle 80 columns for license file 123 bytes 3a161d0   5 years pkienzle add manifest file for sdist build
multi_compare.bat 388 bytes 5753e4e   5 years pkienzle support compare/multi_compare on windows 716 bytes 0a4628d   5 years wojciech Scale and background paramters frozen in line model
pytest.ini 193 bytes a69d8cd   3 years pkienzle add support for pytest and use it on travis/appveyor
README.rst 3.5 KB 2a64722   2 years pkienzle improve tutorial shown on the github landing page for sasmodels
sascomp 697 bytes 424fe00   4 years pkienzle send sys.argv to main() 3.1 KB c97724e   6 years pkienzle add sesans support to bumps model 2.5 KB 783e76f   2 years arm61 adding requiresments to
TESTS.txt 577 bytes c970053   5 years smk78 Little reminder of how to use Paul K's model conversion tests (for when …

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