Code Camp VI Work Done

Tickets Created and Addressed During the Code Camp

Milestone: SasView 4.1.1 (5 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#955 fixed Consider releasing new tutorial in 4.1.1 ajj smk78
#948 fixed mathjax CDN is going away pkienzle
#938 fixed cannot read canSAS1D file written out by SasView krzywon butler
#929 fixed Problem deleting data in first fit page krzywon Adamo
#918 fixed Test folders not bundled with build krzywon krzywon

Milestone: SasView 4.2.0 (41 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#954 duplicate cross check dll/opencl/python polydispersity and orientation results pkienzle
#953 cross check dll/opencl/python polydispersity and orientation results pkienzle
#950 fixed Most of the readers don't close files properly. krzywon andyfaff
#949 Wildcard import andyfaff
#943 fixed Deep copy error on setting model after data is selected butler
#942 Need to Refactor SimultaneousFitPage Class butler
#937 Build new tutorials as eBook smk78
#936 Build new tutorials as HTML smk78
#935 Build new tutorials as PDF smk78
#934 Slurp tutorial repo for tutorials ajj smk78
#933 Allow user to define order of models/fit pages for batch fitting wojciech wojciech
#932 fixed Need to fix upload of data files to marketplace ajj butler
#931 fixed Allow admins to edit all models and upload data etc on marketplace ajj ajj
#930 fitting help says chisq is normalized to number of points pkienzle
#928 Provide new tutorial materials smk78
#924 Need better feedback to user when fitting fails to converge butler
#923 fixed Add CI and trac integrations to Slack ajj
#922 fixed Remove support for all data formats that are not in q space GitHub <noreply@…> butler
#921 fixed Improve developer communication methods ajj ajj
#920 fixed Logarithmic binning option in the slice viewer ricardo ricardo
#919 Projects should save transmission spectrum krzywon
#916 fixed Proper Logging ricardo ricardo
#915 load project issues krzywon richardh
#913 fixed Need to add Diamond developer and logo in relevant places smk78 smk78
#912 fixed About box points to misleading contributors page on Github ajj smk78
#911 Can correlation matrix be made visible for Levenberg Marquardt? pkienzle richardh
#910 use new orientation for magnetic models pkienzle
#875 fixed Possible weirdness with 1D NXcanSAS data butler smk78
#854 fixed remove unnecessary sleep() in fitting perspective pkienzle
#853 Move Perspective Calculation Files into sascalc tim krzywon
#852 fixed More unit tests, especially for oriented or 2d models richardh richardh
#845 Fix volume normalisation on Raspberry model ajj ajj
#838 fixed Fix model download from marketplace wojciech tim
#818 “report button” followed by “save” makes an empty pdf file??? krzywon richardh
#806 clean separation between sasmodels and sasview tim pkienzle
#776 angular dispersity pkienzle dirk
#695 fixed linear slope in onion model gonzalezm dirk
#685 fixed Fix data upload to marketplace ajj smk78
#645 fixed GUI logic problem in Batch vs single fit mode butler butler
#594 Check default value of cansas_version property in CansasReader class tim smk78
#525 Add GUI category defaults to models in sasmodels butler butler

Milestone: SasView 5.0.0 (3 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#946 Single configuration file ricardo
#941 Move menu items from regular menus to perspective menus krzywon
#939 fit values and parameters should be captured in cansas1D xml butler

Milestone: Admin Tasks (9 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#927 Add LibreOffice to Build Servers smk78
#925 fixed Marketplace Admin Panel issues ajj butler
#914 Update install instructions / release notes for users who have Xcode installed but haven't authorised command line tools ajj
#874 fixed Fix link between git commit messages and trac ajj ajj
#809 fixed Provide information on supported platforms wojciech
#759 fixed Generate PDFs of Roadmap ajj ajj
#731 fixed Bring roadmap uptdodate ajj butler
#483 Create web page / section with list of publications using SasView. smk78 ajj
#303 Integrate user and developer websites ajj ajj

Milestone: SasView Next Release +1 (15 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#947 Include sasmodels api docs in sasview developer documentation ajj ajj
#908 Scripts for release ajj ajj
#895 user defined fit parameters for constrained fitting pkienzle
#555 fixed needs cleanup ajj butler
#522 fixed Add Batch Fitting Tutorial butler
#521 fixed Add simultaneous fitting tutorial butler
#520 fixed Add constrained fit Tutorial butler
#519 fixed Add 2D model fitting Tutorial butler
#518 fixed Add 1D model fitting tutorial butler
#517 fixed Add Invariant Tutorial Module butler
#516 fixed Add Pr Tutorial module butler
#502 Consider moving category "modify" button butler ajj
#387 fixed Need new tutorial documentation smk78 butler
#260 Box integration does not update when entering values in dialog ajj
#230 fixed Default "load data" directory to the last one used ajj

Milestone: SasView WishList (3 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#917 Nexus Support for SESANS awashington awashington
#48 fixed Need output of parameters to a file for later use anonymous
#45 fixed Provide access to sub and superscripts and some symbols on plots butler butlerpd

Milestone: sasmodels 1.0 (4 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#952 pearl_necklace - check equation in documentation ajj richardh
#951 fixed review and edit equations in documentation for oriented particles richardh richardh
#945 autogenerate orientation parameters pkienzle ajj
#909 fixed Units on SLD need fixing for some models krzywon butler

Milestone: sasmodels Next Release +1 (2 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#944 duplicate non fitting or derived parameters in models pkienzle richardh
#926 draw orientation diagrams with interactive svg pkienzle

Milestone: sasmodels WishList (1 match)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#940 fit_one_of function to avoid redundant parameters pkienzle richardh

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