Work Plan for Code Camp VI

The primary work plan consists of the tickets that the team have marked as blocker or critical for release and SESANS sub-project tasks. Also by start of code camp (and during the camp) some bugs in 4.1.0 were identified which can and should be fixed for a patch release 4.1.1. This patch release should come out shortly after the code camp.

Once all the 4.1.1 tickets and critical/blocker tickets have been addressed, other issues can be looked at.

As tickets are closed or updated during the Code Camp they will appear on the work done list.

Tickets Marked for Release 4.1.1

Tickets Marked Critical or Blocker for Release 4.2

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter Work Package
#980 Inconsistent results between Igor & SasView using Fractal Core-Shell model butler smk78 SasView Bug Fixing
#489 ABS reader (NIST 1D) does not handle negative dx properly (USANS slit smearing) krzywon pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#594 Check default value of cansas_version property in CansasReader class tim smk78 SasView Bug Fixing
#639 Math not rendered without network connection (Windows) ajj ajj SasView Bug Fixing
#776 angular dispersity pkienzle dirk SasModels Redesign
#786 core_shell_parallelepiped 1-D model is incorrect butler pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#828 Fix tests for oriented 2D models for new orientation defintion richardh pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#928 Provide new tutorial materials smk78 SasView Documentation
#934 Slurp tutorial repo for tutorials ajj smk78 SasView Documentation
#935 Build new tutorials as PDF smk78 SasView Documentation
#936 Build new tutorials as HTML smk78 SasView Documentation
#992 Upgrade bumps so that LM optimizer respects bounds butler SasView Fitting Redesign
#993 Windows x64 versions not installing to correct folder smk78 SasView Bug Fixing
#1000 Unticking No OpenCL on Mac fixes problem with no model fit smk78 SasView Bug Fixing

SESANS Integration Tickets Progress:

Progress: SESANS Analysis

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter Work Package
#541 Uncertainties for Fits from Bumps CLI awashington SESANS Integration
#340 add support for sesans to sasmodels pkienzle SESANS Integration
#341 add SESANS reader butler SESANS Integration
#342 analytical models for sesans pkienzle SESANS Integration
#343 SESANS data loader pkienzle SESANS Integration
#344 Hankel transform pkienzle SESANS Integration
#345 BUMPS fit of SESANS pkienzle SESANS Integration
#346 SESANS into GUI Design ajj pkienzle SESANS Integration
#352 SESANS with finite acceptance angles pkienzle SESANS Integration
#507 SESANS into GUI - create tickets based on design exercise #346 butler SESANS Integration
#719 Generalize 1D and 2D data jhbakker SESANS Integration
#728 Direct SESANS model solid dilute sphere wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration
#743 Consider revising the SESANS data format read by SasView wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration
#350 resolution for SESANS model pkienzle SESANS Integration
#351 SESANS for anistropic scattering pkienzle SESANS Integration
#701 Update documentation of data formats to Include SESANS wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration
#704 Add documentation on Hankel transformation for SESANS wimbouwman wimbouwman SESANS Integration

Other Tickets for Release 4.2

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter Work Package
#510 Build PDF documentation along with HTML wojciech butler SasView Documentation
#525 Add GUI category defaults to models in sasmodels butler butler SasModels Redesign
#646 Check all model documentation for standardization butler butler SasView Documentation
#649 Fix model parameter nomenclature to be standardized butler butler SasModels Redesign
#686 Add some magnetic datasets to the test data folder dirk smk78 SasView QA and testing
#702 Limiting cases of cylinder model dirk dirk SasModels Redesign
#719 Generalize 1D and 2D data jhbakker SESANS Integration
#735 Review new Corfunc documentation smk78 smk78 SasView Documentation
#754 advanced plug-in model editor - improvements richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#764 redefine rectangular distribution parameters pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#788 cross check different implementations of the same shape pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#791 make fractal a structure factor model pkienzle SasModels New Model
#799 Warn users if they are asking DREAM for too many samples ajj pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#805 improve accuracy of fcc/bcc/sc pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#806 clean separation between sasmodels and sasview tim pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#813 Can stacked_disk model support polydisperse parameters butler butler SasView Bug Fixing
#822 Create proper Unit Testing directory structure for SasModels piotr SasView Bug Fixing
#833 Improve smearing help smk78 SasView Documentation
#839 Unit tests for Saving/Loading Projects krzywon krzywon SasView Bug Fixing
#845 Fix volume normalisation on Raspberry model ajj ajj SasView Bug Fixing
#846 set theory and data to same vmin/vmax when plotting 2D data pkienzle SasView GUI Enhancements
#853 Move Perspective Calculation Files into sascalc tim krzywon SasView Bug Fixing
#856 Reading SAS_OPENCL from custom_config sometimes raises an ERROR krzywon wojciech SasView Bug Fixing
#869 fit page computation thread cleanup pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#871 autogenerated plot in doc for rpa is not helpful butler SasModels Redesign
#872 document polydispersity and fitting for integer parameters pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#878 broad q resolution for USANS and negative q for USANS pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#880 show progress during opencl test wojciech pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#882 Add notes to doc about fitting integer parameters pkienzle SasView Documentation
#885 New Model Editor needs to properly deal with form_volume function ajj SasView Bug Fixing
#887 reorganize tree, separating the installed source from the build source pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#888 Support numpy v1.12.0+ - Array indices must be integers krzywon SasView Bug Fixing
#891 update docs for oriented shapes with new orientation definition pkienzle pkienzle SasModels Redesign
#893 oriented 2D versions of rectangular prism models pkienzle SasModels New Model
#894 triaxial ellipsoid with circular equator does not match ellipsoid pkienzle SasModels New Model
#900 Frozen theories sent to perspectives not saved in projects krzywon SasView Bug Fixing
#907 batch fits not being saved pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#910 use new orientation for magnetic models pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#915 load project issues krzywon richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#924 Need better feedback to user when fitting fails to converge butler SasView Bug Fixing
#933 Allow user to define order of models/fit pages for batch fitting wojciech wojciech SasView Bug Fixing
#937 Build new tutorials as eBook smk78 SasView Documentation
#953 cross check dll/opencl/python polydispersity and orientation results pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#958 Proper Handling of Background Term in Invariant Analysis butler SasView Bug Fixing
#963 fix stacked disk (qx,qy) test pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#966 Inconsistent chi2 reporting mathieu SasView Bug Fixing
#974 blacklist Intel HD 620/630 for double precision pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#979 Resolve inconsistent naming of peak models smk78 SasView Bug Fixing
#985 Saving Project Fails krzywon lewis SasView Bug Fixing
#988 gcc has long compile times for sasmodels pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#989 use sasview installation to run batch scripts pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#991 Fitting perspective creates new plots instead of updating existing lewis SasView Bug Fixing
#994 Error changing fit engine lewis SasView Bug Fixing
#995 OpenCL required on Linux even if turned off in GUI ajj SasView Bug Fixing
#996 Put latest version available in status bar butler SasView GUI Enhancements
#998 improve corfunc tests pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#660 Add GUI triggers for compare, docview and user tests from the plugin editor. pkienzle SasView GUI Enhancements
#715 resolution calculation does not check for basis of support between q points pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#787 models with the same name in different directories will not be distinguished butler pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#812 Provide model for the Pringle-Schmidt helical form factor tim smk78 SasModels New Model
#829 allow models to define ModelInfo directly pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#837 core_shell_bicelle_elliptical need debug 2d data pkienzle richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#842 allow specification of single and double precision opencl device pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#859 hayter_msa S(Q) - possible limitations or numerical instabilities richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#867 Use integer number of branches for star polymer pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#868 validate the polymer_micelle model richardh richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#879 default value and limits are ignored for muliplicity/variant models pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#883 Add link to source code of each model to model documentation ajj SasView Documentation
#896 equations in core shell parallelepiped docs do not match code butler pkienzle SasModels Redesign
#901 numpy should be imported as "import numpy as np" mathieu andyfaff SasView Bug Fixing
#903 sasview - all non-gui tests should be converted to run in Python 3 andyfaff SasView Bug Fixing
#919 Projects should save transmission spectrum krzywon SasView Bug Fixing
#949 Wildcard import andyfaff SasView Bug Fixing
#959 BUILD: errors building C-extensions in Python3.6 andyfaff SasView Bug Fixing
#973 sticky hard sphere fails for q<epsilon pkienzle SasModels Redesign
#975 bcc_paracrystal and fcc_paracrystal scaling, docs for all paracrystal richardh richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#977 Don't use \text in equations pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#981 binary_hard_sphere fails for small qr pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#987 elliptical cylinder for axis ratio < 1 pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#997 save points as file from graph loses precision pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#999 PIL outputs a lot of white noise to log file butler SasView Framework Enhancements
#757 improve multilayer_vesicle model and vesicle richardh SasModels New Model
#818 “report button” followed by “save” makes an empty pdf file??? krzywon richardh SasView Bug Fixing
#911 Can correlation matrix be made visible for Levenberg Marquardt? pkienzle richardh SasView Framework Enhancements
#930 fitting help says chisq is normalized to number of points pkienzle SasView Bug Fixing
#942 Need to Refactor SimultaneousFitPage Class butler SasView Framework Enhancements

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