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Work Package: Reporting Enhancements (1 match)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#331 fixed Remove all references to DANSE from user feedback messages smk78

Work Package: SESANS Integration (10 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#340 fixed add support for sesans to sasmodels pkienzle
#341 fixed add SESANS reader butler
#342 analytical models for sesans pkienzle
#343 duplicate SESANS data loader pkienzle
#344 fixed Hankel transform pkienzle
#345 fixed BUMPS fit of SESANS pkienzle
#346 SESANS into GUI Design ajj pkienzle
#350 resolution for SESANS model pkienzle
#351 SESANS for anistropic scattering pkienzle
#352 SESANS with finite acceptance angles pkienzle

Work Package: SasModels Redesign (11 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#90 obsolete Provide a way for plugin models to use the built-in polydispersity functions stephen.king@…
#312 fixed Problem with slit smearing butler
#313 wontfix Python polydispersity ajj
#314 fixed Default to GPU when using OpenCL ajj
#315 fixed Be able to set choice of device for OpenCL ajj
#316 wontfix Autogenerate sasmodel "shims" ajj
#317 fixed Packaging of sasmodels (build scripts etc) trnielsen ajj
#319 fixed sasmodels unit testing ajj
#330 fixed allow inf/-inf for model limits pkienzle
#359 obsolete Be able to use new models from sasmodels alongside sas.models models ajj ajj
#361 fixed Check all models for order of parameters being passed richardh ajj

Work Package: SasView Admin (12 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#262 fixed Provide acknowledgement text from UI smk78
#303 Integrate user and developer websites ajj ajj
#304 fixed Migrate mailing lists away from sourceforge ajj
#305 fixed migrate repository to github ajj ajj
#306 fixed Set up build jobs for bumps and periodictable in Jenkins pkienzle
#308 fixed change CNAME for to point to github page butler butler
#309 fixed change trac access to butler
#310 fixed fix links on webpages butler
#311 fixed Obtain DOI for Sasview releases ajj ajj
#321 fixed Remove references to sourceforge ajj
#328 Create SasView organanization and resolve ownership issues butler
#333 fixed write and submit abstract for SAS 2015 mathieu butler

Work Package: SasView Bug Fixing (17 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#234 fixed Add warning about using the dataset drop down on Batch page smk78
#263 fixed Error in report output for fixed parameters Richard Heenan
#264 fixed Remove .TIF extension form Load Data file extension filter smk78
#265 fixed Investigate why Image Viewer tool is not loading .TIF or .BMP smk78
#269 fixed Failure to assign model when using attached data file krzywon ajj
#276 fixed Provide better error message when CanSAS file has invalid units smk78
#320 fixed Error boxes in Fit panel appear and disappear randomly gonzalezm gonzalezm
#325 fixed find and remove rogue print statement butler butler
#329 fixed fit panel not defaulting to min and max from model definition pkienzle
#332 fixed fix normalization for angular dispersion pkienzle pkienzle
#334 fixed "Paste" functionality broken LauraamForster mathieu
#335 fixed Report print preview is broken mathieu mathieu
#336 fixed Refactor report dialog code mathieu
#349 fixed Box Sum slicer parameter boxes are no longer editable on Windows smk78
#354 fixed Fix menu bar on generic scattering calculator tool butler
#357 fixed Broken SciPyFit Unit Tests krzywon krzywon
#358 fixed Breaking Averaging Unit Tests krzywon krzywon

Work Package: SasView Documentation (11 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#297 fixed Non Model Documentation needs to be ported to ReST butler
#318 fixed Integration of sasmodels documentation with SasView smk78 ajj
#323 fixed Fix access to online documentation butler
#326 fixed clean up Jae-Hie's old website butler butler
#327 fixed Need to update wiki pages butler butler
#337 fixed Fix broken help on load image butler butler
#338 fixed Remove help_panel files and calls thereto butler butler
#339 fixed get models Detail button pointing to proper sphinx documentation butler butler
#355 fixed Finish porting old html help docs to rst smk smk78
#356 fixed Proof read Sphinx help docs smk78 smk78
#360 obsolete Several model file docstrings are incorrectly formatted smk78

Work Package: SasView Framework Enhancements (2 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#218 fixed Finish code reorg including removal of all mention of sans krzywon butler
#322 Need to streamline requiring new version of packages butler

Work Package: SasView GUI Enhancements (1 match)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#348 fixed control order in which fit parameters appear in gui richardh richardh

Work Package: SasView GUI Redesign (1 match)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#353 fixed Add help button to panels butler

Work Package: SasView QA and testing (4 matches)

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#302 fixed Replace pisa with xhtml2pdf mathieu ajj
#307 fixed Edit Pylint preferences butler
#324 fixed Set logging to capture warnings ajj
#347 fixed lamellarFFHG investigate polydisp integration richardh richardh
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