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#1135 QT GUI - complex constraints (master ticket) new tcbennun defect SasView 5.0.0 SasView
#1196 5.0 issue - Allow changing parameter values on theory FitPages after first compute new defect SasView 5.0.0 SasView
#1204 5.0 not giving same fit results as 4.2 assigned piotr defect SasView 5.0.0 SasView
#1248 Problem with non latin characters in username assigned piotr defect SasView 5.0.0 SasView
#1242 Resolution smearing is only applied to positive Qx and Qy in 2D new defect SasView 4.2.2 SasView
#1243 Problem reopening saved project .svs file assigned krzywon defect SasView 4.2.2 SasView
#1237 Need to get mail archives up and available new defect Admin Tasks SasView
#1084 Reproducible thread error in bumps on Mac OS assigned wojciech defect SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#1263 Change source links in model docs to local paths new enhancement SasView 4.3.0 SasView
#1118 middle level - sort out P(Q)S(Q) including beta(Q) new richardh enhancement sasmodels Next Release +1 sasmodels
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